If you have ever thought about launching yourself as a photographer then you may have been put off by the level of equipment and learning which you need to do. The reality however is that it is easier than it has ever been before to get into this hobby. Nature photographer Evan Dombroski is the perfect example of this, who started off in a very small way and eventually built up his career to become a highly sought after photographer. 

The first thing that you have to possess is the passion and the desire to become a photographer, assuming you have this, the rest is in fact far simpler than you may realize, and here is why. 

The Quality of Phone Cameras

Let’s be honest, when cellphones first came out with cameras mounted on them, the quality of it was absolutely atrocious. In the modern day however the camera quality of the likes of an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy is absolutely outstanding. In fact there are many cameras which don’t have the capability which these do, and most of us are already equipped to be photographers thanks to the phone in our pocket. The issue is that so many of us don’t know how to properly use all of the features on those phone cameras, so this is the first place to start. There are so many great videos which discuss this and which give you guides how to use those cameras. 

Second Hand Equipment 

What we have in the modern day is so much equipment and updated versions of equipment that many people feel that they have to constantly stay up with the latest trends. Not only is this not the case, it actually means that the second hand market has an enormous amount of options for the budding photographer. Even cameras which were designed back in 2010 are still absolutely perfect for anything which you may wish to do today, and this can provide a perfect opportunity for a beginner. Both online options and markets are the ideal place for you to pick up some fantastic second hand gear, perfect for your new hobby. 

So Much Support 

There is an incredible amount of support and guidance which you can rely on when you get started with photography. Online you will find literally thousands of hours which will take you through what camera you need, how to pick the best shots, what filters and settings you may need and how best to develop your images. There has never been a better or an easier time for you to get started with a hobby like this. Not only will you find guidance but you’ll also find a huge volume of forums which you can use that will connect you with other beginners so that you can share ideas and learnings. 

If you love photography and you’d truly wish to get started, it really is easier than ever.