When it comes to mobile devices, there are always emerging trends and popular designs. They change every year and brands come out with something new and exciting to keep customers entertained. Technology is always progressing, which gives smartphone users, and in particular business owners, a lot of freedom to what they can purchase. The most recent development is smartphones with expandable screens. But, what exactly is this and how is it unique to the market?

What is an Expandable Display?

While some brands are improving the cameras on their smartphones, others are working on the displays. Of course, people expect better graphics and sharp images when they are using a smartphone. So, this is something that everybody is working on providing for their users. But, there is the emerging trend of expandable displays.

So, what exactly is an expandable display? Is this the same as a foldable smartphone? Not exactly. Instead, an expandable display or scrollable screen means that a user can adjust the size of the display to suit their needs. They have a slider on the edge of the display that the user can use to adjust the size. So, this can turn some smartphones into a tablet.

Recently, we have seen a lot of people choosing larger versions of smartphones. For example, Apple now has larger versions of their modern releases and they are proving very popular with younger adults and those doing a lot of work on their smartphone. People like to have a large display and something that is bigger than a normal mobile device but is more portable than a tablet. So, it is not a surprise that an expandable display has been created to fill this void in the market.

What are the Benefits of an Expandable Display?

Before you rush out and purchase a smartphone with an expandable display, you will want to know the advantages of them first. Indeed, the size of a smartphone is proving to be important for users and this one has a lot to offer that you may like.

Let’s start by pointing out the obvious; you can make the screen bigger. This is going to come in handy in a lot of scenarios. Say that you are reading a book on your smartphone on the train. You want this to be an easy and enjoyable task. Making your display larger will make it easier to read all of the words without having to concentrate too hard. In addition, if you are someone that likes to catch up with movies and television series on your smartphone, the larger screen is going to make it a lot more enjoyable to do. In particular, those that like to game are going to experience a huge difference with an expandable screen. 

Not only can you enjoy a larger display with this type of design, but you can also enjoy having an ordinary smartphone too. There are going to be certain circumstances when you just want it to be the right size for your hand. Since the expandable screen is something you can adjust yourself, you can enjoy this freedom.

Let’s not forget that smartphones are designed to be portable. Nobody wants to carry around a large and bulky mobile device in their pocket. The good thing about a smartphone with an expandable screen is that this does not need to happen. You can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can enjoy having a large screen, but this can decrease in size for transport. So, your smartphone remains portable and you can easily keep it in your bag or pocket.