It is always nice to be able to give your friends and family gifts. The only problem is that sometimes coming up with new ideas can be tricky. Fortunately, there is one option that works well for practically anyone. I know from personal experience, that gifts for the home are always welcome. Below are a few simple ideas that you can use for inspiration.

A nice canvas print

Over the years, I have seen some lovely canvas prints hanging in the homes of my friends and family. They are a great way to decorate practically any space.

You can buy them in a range of sizes and styles. This makes it easy to choose one that will fit in with the existing decor of their homes. The fact you can use any image helps too. It enables you to use take their favourite photo and get it turned into a print, or create a piece of artwork yourself to make the gift truly personal.

Decorating Kits

If the person you are buying for likes crafts or DIY buying them a kit is a fantastic idea. It gives them the chance to try out a new creative process and keep what they create if they want to.

Craft and DIY classes

On a similar theme, craft classes can make a great gift. If the person you are buying for is restoring their home and doing much of the work themselves they might appreciate a tiling, wiring or decorating course. These courses are not always easy to find, but in cities and big towns, they are becoming more widely available.

Tools and decorating materials

For someone who likes decorating or making things for their home tools can make fantastic gifts. You just have to respect the fact that they may want to exchange the item for something more suitable. Be sure to get a gift receipt to make it easy for them to swap it for something else. However, even if you do not get it 100% right they will still appreciate the fact that you paid attention to what they like to do and took the time to buy a thoughtful gift.

Decorative gifts

Provided you are in tune with your friend or family members tastes, you can safely buy them decorative items. The list of what you could potentially buy is almost endless. Linen, crockery, ornaments, cutlery, soft furnishings and pictures are all potential options.


If your friend likes houseplants, they make gifts. For those who already own a lot of houseplants gadgets that help them to take care of them are also a good idea.


For someone who has not long moved, vouchers are a good gift. Just be sure to personalise them a bit by making sure they are for their favourite department or DIY store.

Make something

If you are good with your hands or enjoy crafts, why not make your own gift. There are nearly 400 ideas to get you started on this page.