Tiger Woods was a great fantasy sports pick for many years, but at age 40, is he still top tier? ... photo by CC user James Phelps on Flickr

Love watching sports to the point of knowing random bits of trivia about the players involved? If so, you might be looking to get into fantasy sports.

To do this, you’ll want to sign up on any one of many daily fantasy sport websites. Once you find one to your liking, just enter the draftkings tv promo code and you’ll get plenty of bonus cashola to use to make a buttload of money pressing your knowledge advantage against those that are just casual fans.

With that in mind, here are some of the most popular sports that people use to test their fantasy chops…


With a ton of players competing on various pro circuits around the world, having knowledge of lesser known but solid golfers makes golf a favorite of many passionate fantasy sports competitors.

For casual fans, adding money to the equation makes the sleepy action far more engaging, especially with thrilling sand saves, monster drives, and the rare but exhilarating hole in one.


America’s favorite summer pastime is a math geek’s dream, with plenty of offensive and defensive stats to analyze to evaluate the suitability of an acquisition.

With massive home run blasts, strikeouts that turn opposing hitters into corkscrews, and diving catches that will have you shaking your head, the thrilling nature of this game will have you sweating your players from the first afternoon matinee to the last game ends on the west coast in extras.


While golf was the first sport to have an office pool started around it, fantasy really started to gain traction when Wil Winkenbach, the father of fantasy sports, held a fantasy football draft with his friends for the first time in the early 60’s.

Since then, people from the vast tracts of the USA and Canada that are fanatical about football have fuelled its rapid growth, as its complex plays, hard-hitting action, and flair for late game dramatics have made rotisserie and daily fantasy leagues a constant source of soul-searching and jubilation, depending on the result.


This winter team sport may be slow in catching on south of the border, but legions of Canadians know that come September, the annual fantasy draft for the NHL is an event that may warrant calling in sick from work to attend with their best pals.

In a nation that eat, sleeps and breathes hockey, our Canuck neighbors upstairs watch every game of their favorite team with an intensity that can only be rivaled by the most dedicated football fans, and it’s not hard to see why. With lightning fast action, physicality, and the tension of power plays and penalty kills make it easy to rope in the casual viewer willing to give it a chance.

If you are able to get even a decent understanding of this game, you should be able to school your fellow Americans on any one of many daily fantasy sites.