Ring is regarded as one of the best security product companies in existence. Known for their cameras and video doorbells, they are most sought after by the customers. But they have some disadvantages, because of which people look for Ring camera alternatives.

When searching for the right products, you should look for certain must-have features. In this article, learn about the features you need in the alternatives.

HD and Wide-Angle Cameras

Perhaps the most crucial thing a security system should have is good-quality and reliable cameras. These will capture the footage and function as the eyes of the security system.

When checking the camera features, make sure they’re labeled as HD Analog. This means they can capture video footage in 720p and above resolution. Thus, you get a clear view.

It’s also recommended that you select cameras with a wide-angle lens. With these lenses, you can get a view of a larger, wider area to check if it’s a wide-angle lens or not; the lens should be between 35 mm and 34 mm. Some cameras would specify angles in degrees. So if it reads 180-degree security cam, then it can capture the entire section in front of it.

Wireless Tech

The camera needs to send the captured footage to a central server for analysis and monitoring. You can either use an ethernet connection or wireless connection to transmit the video. It’s recommended that you get a wireless-enabled camera system.

The best option is to select the IP Video Surveillance systems. IP stands for Internet Protocols and is a way for two systems to talk to each other. You can stream videos on the internet and private networks too. You don’t have to worry about Ethernet cables, power cables, and such things.

Furthermore, wireless systems are safe. Burglars can cut off the wire, and this will cut off the video feed too. But there’s nothing they can do to tamper wireless networks.

Low-Light Camera Technology

Every year, around 2.2 million instances of burglary take place in the United States. And almost 70% of them during the day time, between 10 AM to 3 PM. 

But that doesn’t undermine the importance of low-light cameras, which offer superior visibility even in the night hours. Ring company itself is known for low-light cameras that operate with the same efficiency in pitch-black conditions. When looking for Ring camera alternatives, you should look for this feature too.

When looking for these types of cameras, you should consider the camera’s true day/night capabilities. The sensors in today’s cameras are sensitive to both daylight and IR light.

As a test, you should perform a shootout in scenes below 1 lux, which is equal to complete darkness. Check the video footage to determine the efficiency.

Backup and Remote Access

Backup is such an essential facet of security cameras, yet most people overlook it. But you should consider how much cloud storage you get from your service provider. Depending on the plan you’ve opted for, they’d store the video footage for 5-10 years.

Another thing to look for is remote access. Almost all surveillance systems come with some kind of companion app. You can watch the live feed and control the system remotely. The crucial thing is how much control they can offer.

Would you be able to manipulate the camera angle? Or can you zoom in 16X? How about activating and deactivating the cameras at will with a single click?

You should check for the controls before purchasing an alternative.

Motion Sensors

Most modern security cameras of today are equipped with sensors — and the most important sensor is the motion sensor. These make the surveillance process much more efficient.

For example, they can save you internet and storage costs. When there’s no movement in the background, it may reduce the resolution a bit. This can save you several GB of storage space. Furthermore, since less data is transmitted to the cloud, you save internet bills too.

When the sensors detect motion, they will force the camera to perform at its peak.


The final important feature of a Ring camera alternative is the speaker. They can work as an intercom system for your house. With the speakers, you can speak to a person outside your door without an intercom. They might feel less important, but it’s always good to have camera systems with speakers.

Many startups are being set up in the surveillance space. All of them are equipped with novel, innovative technologies. Before investing in them (and most of them are pricier), you should decide if you need the features. Otherwise, you should invest in Ring camera alternatives that are in the affordable range.