Contrary to what many people believe a home warranty is very differ from a home insurance policy. Whereas home insurance will cover the structure of the property from a natural disaster or from adverse weather, personal possessions in case of theft and damage caused to the property from perils such as water leaks and fire, there are many aspects of the home which it simply doesn’t cover. It is for this reason that many homeowners are also encouraged to purchase a home warranty on top of the insurance. Mortgage lenders will usually require you to have home insurance plans before lending, but not in the case of home warranty. There are however many issues which can occur which will see you needing a company like the experts First American Home Warranty, and here are just a few examples. 

Plumbing Issues

If you have a toilet which leaks and floods the bathroom with water then it is likely going to cause quite a lot of damage in the home from carpets to the flooring itself. In such an event you are going to have to repair the damage which is caused by this leak, which the homeowners insurance will pay for. Whilst the insurance can help you with the cots of fixing the damage that has been caused, it will not help you with the cost of replacing the toilet and fixing the plumbing, this is what the home warranty policy will cover. 

Heating Issues

When you reach for the boiler once the cold weather hits and realize that it has ceased to work since last winter, your home insurance policy is not going to do anything to help you warm the home, and those within it. In such a situation however you can call on your home warranty who will help you to cover the costs of fixing or completely replacing the heating system within your home, ensuring that you are warm and comfortable in your home. 

Dryer Failure 

A common cause of fires in the home are clothes dryers, generally from those who have left it on and gone out for a while. In such an event your home insurance will help you to cover the costs of the fire, but they won’t stump up the cash for a new dryer or to repair the electrics which have been damaged as a result. This again is where the home warranty policy will come in to play, ensuring that you not only have the damage repaired, but also the dryer and the electrical infrastructure in your home. 

Natural Disasters

If you live in an area like California which is prone to wildfires, or places which have hurricanes, tornadoes or any other natural disaster then you’ll know that the damage can be severe. In these instances you will need both home insurance and home warranty to help you get back on your feet after a disaster. The insurance will cover structural damage to the home and the possessions within it, and your home warranty will help you to fix plumbing, heating, HVAC, and electrical systems, as well as the larger appliances in the property.  

Compare prices, check reviews which other buyers have left, focus on customer service, plan type, costs to you, deductibles and get the right plan for you, it is worthwhile.