The ability to bet on your favourite sport is something that a lot of fans have capitalised on, with it making a lot of sense as it can liven up even the dullest of sporting events. It’s something that should only ever be done in a responsible manner, but it can be massively enjoyable, especially in sports like horse racing, where it’s quickly become one of the most engrossing sports to gamble on.

Pinpointing why so many indulge in betting on horse racing is a big ask but there’s plenty of exciting factors which come into play, even for the least knowledgeable of punter. These insightful explanations of how horse racing works and the way in which betting ties in with it can be hard to find but TeamFA are one site that put out their own free horse racing tips, backed up by in-depth previews and the strongest bookmaker odds.

Some of the best reasons to bet on horse racing include:

Races constantly available

Unlike literally any other sport, it’s easy to guarantee that horse racing will be taking place somewhere in the world, regardless of the time in your own country. Some sports kick-off in the early hours of the morning for the late-night punter but with horse racing, it’s celebrated the world over and couldn’t be more accessible if they tried.

Better prices

Backing a bet on a team to win in football or a player to win in tennis rarely offers the best of prices but horse racing is different. Even if you’re opting to back a favourite, there still can be some mouth-watering odds, so it’s more tempting to the frequent punter, as your bet landing can be more beneficial than in other sports.

Major racing events

If it wasn’t enough to see the Superbowl, World Cup and Wimbledon in other sports, horse racing offers a far more extensive array of events. Not only are there the options of betting on the Grand National and Cheltenham Festival but there’s also the Epsom Derby, Glorious Goodwood and Royal Ascot to name just a few.

Odds available on most betting websites

With UK betting websites, football and horse racing always come as two cornerstones in sports betting but it’s horse racing that’s recognised as being the most readily available out of the two. Even betting in America has far more scope for backing bets on horse racing than any other sport, and that’s saying a lot considering how restricted gambling is in The States.

Dramatic finishes

It might be a bit of an outside shout in this list but it’s hard to doubt the drama which comes from those crucial final few seconds in a horse race. Most horse racing tips come for the result of a race, which was picked prior to it getting underway, but there are some punters who will happily back the outcome of a race in-play. These dramatic finishes do come in other sports but not as frequently as in horse racing, where it can sometimes be every race in a given day.