Founding a Makerspace can be fun
Photo by CC user collegeofsanmateolibrary on Flickr

These days, it is creatives and not factory workers that are reaping the benefits of the new economy. With most manufacturing outsourced overseas, training our kids so that they will be prepared for the assembly line is putting them at a disadvantage to those in nations that are tapping into the creativity of their young people.

The invention of the Makerspace is an encouraging trend, as it allows them and other adults in the community to come together and create new things using a variety of new technologies.

From 3D printing to building electronics and arts & crafts, there are a wide variety of ways that the untapped creative ideas of a population can be harnessed. Below, this infographic, provided by the University of Southern California Online, contains all the information you need to know open your own Makerspace…