photo by CC user pestoverde on Flickr

Photo by CC user pestoverde on Flickr

Have you ever thought of how the future of online casino gaming might look in another 100 years? It’s quite hard to imagine how people will be laying out their blackjack cards or spinning the wheel of roulette in a century time. However, if you take a look at the technologies that are being developed right now, you may have a few hints of what could be used by online casino enthusiasts like in the future. 

Let’s start directly with the world of Virtual Reality. Since quite a few decades, people have been dreaming of putting on a helmet and being transported into a virtual world that works synchronously to their body movements. Early realisation of this dream came through the VR pods of the early 90s, where you had to sit in and wear a heavy helmet to discover the very first experience of Virtual Reality, and it was not that much impressive at that time.

After many years, VR is now a reality thanks to companies like Samsung, Sony, and Google, all of whom have come up with lightweight headsets that provide an authentic VR experience that looks life-like. The Oculus Rift is way ahead compared to the other VR devices, and it does provide a fully immersive VR experience. It’s very likely that casinos like Magical Vegas will make use of virtual reality in the future. In a 100 years you may well be walking around Magical Vegas in your pyjamas if online casino gaming adapts themselves to the virtual world.

Another great technological breakthrough is called Augmented Reality. AR is simply the interaction of digital elements with the real world, in a direct or indirect way. Augmented reality has existed for years, and you’ve probably seen it for years by watching the weather forecasts on TV. The presenter pointing on a virtual map on physical background is one of the most common use of AR. Different kinds of AR devices are currently being used in fields such as surgery to architecture.

Microsoft Hololense and Ingress by Google are some of the success stories of commercial AR devices. You can very well imagine having a casino party at your place, where instead of having all the games added to your house, you can use a software on your mobile to transform a space of your living room into a virtual roulette wheel that actually functions the same way as a real one. In 100 years virtual dealers may also be available and you probably won’t even require to have a mobile or tablet to experience Augmented Reality.

Persistent Virtual World is another technology that could be the future of online casino gaming. PVW is an Open-World game where you can roam around a large area and interact with everything within that world. The immersive world is constantly updated with new content, thus making the world bigger and providing you with more places to explore and things to do. Persistent Virtual World could be the recipe to provide you the sleek and immersive casino experience in the coming century or just in a few more years.