If you have kept tabs on business publications over recent years, there’s no doubt that time management will have been a reoccurring theme. Something else which keeps popping up is the nameĀ George Ammar, who happens to be a chief financial officer located in Cleveland, Ohio.

At this point you might be questioning the distinction between the two. Hopefully the title of today’s post has outlined all; George S. Ammar is a huge advocate of time management. It’s one of the reasons he has been able to found a CPA certified business in Cleveland in Ohio, whilst still having the resilience to prioritise his general health and fitness.

Following on from the above, we have tapped into some of his knowledge about time management to show how you can improve your life, and business, in this regard.

The art of delegation

If a directory of time management techniques existed, there’s no doubt that this one would be at the top of the list. In short, delegation is everything. As anyone who also resides in Cleveland, Ohio will testify, there’s a huge “hustle and bustle” element to life here. In other words, it’s fast and furious – with little time for reflection.

This is why advanced time management techniques like delegation are so important to delegate. In truth, one could write a whole dissertation on how to delegate accordingly, but the basis of it is to ensure that you are giving the right tasks to the right people. Make sure that they can cope with the additional workload, as well as having the right skills to conquer it in the first place.

You are allowed to say no

As we have already spoken about, a lot of time management simply relates to resilience. There’s no doubt that saying “no” falls into this category.

There are only a limited number of hours in the day, and if you start to take on every task that comes into your path, you are asking to get overloaded. Regardless of what you think of your capabilities, there is a limit to your capacity and this is what a lot of people fail to remember. This actually leads nicely onto the next suggestion…

Being able to prioritise is everything

Again, this is one of those topics in which whole books have been written on. However, according to George Ammar, if you can get the basics of prioritization right, you have the best possible chance of overcoming your time management woes.

When we talk about the basics, it’s all about defining how important various tasks are, and how urgent they are as well. Suffice to say, anything that is important and urgent should be at the top of your list, while anything falling in the not urgent and unimportant category falls to the bottom.

It means that instead of relying on traditional to-do lists, you should be aiming to split your tasks into a grid that incorporates how important and urgent they are. If you do this, you can ensure that the tasks that you do end up dropping are the ones which don’t really matter.