If you are a traveller looking to store your stuff safely before an adventure or have just shifted to a new city and don’t have enough space to keep your stuff properly, you’ve probably thought of getting a storage unit. For most people, storage units are a must have in homes because they help keep them organized. When utilized properly, storage units make it easy to retrieve precious belongings whenever one needs to use them. However, when operating within a low budget, finding cheap local storage can be an uphill task. If you want to get a quality storage unit on a low budget, here are some useful ways to reduce the cost:

  • Pick a unit that only offers what you need

Storage units are fitted with different facilities for varying purposes. One way to reduce the amount you want to spend on a storage unit is knowing what facilities you need based on what you want to store and opting for a unit that offers only what you need. For instance, you do not have to buy a unit that is fitted with climate control facilities if the only items you want to store are fragile items, electronics or art pieces. Instead, opt for a standard storage unit. This can help you reduce the cost significantly while keeping your items safe.

  • Go for a unit that is off the drive-up way

Storage units that are close to the driveway tend to be costly because they are easily accessible. Depending on what you want to use the unit for, it is always better to opt for a one that is off the access way. This can work well if you have friends or relative who would be ready to help you move your stuff up the stair way or in to a building. Many people want convenient units near the drive-up so there is little demand for units that are a little far off. This way, you’ll enjoy a bonus on price. Also, indoor units have an additional protection layer and are therefore more secure.

  • Opt for a smaller unit

Storage units are priced according to size. Rather than going for a big storage unit, go for a smaller one and see how best to utilize the space efficiently. Invest quality time arranging your storage unit so you fit as much stuff as possible. You may also consider stacking plastic crates and totes and label them with masking tape. This helps in keeping your stuff safe and organized while making efficient use of the space you have available.

  • Pay for the unit in advance

Before renting a storage unit, be clear on how long you’ll need to use the space. When you are aware of the renting period, you can take advantage of discounts that come with paying for the space in advance. However, you need to be sure that you can extend the rental period should you need to do so.

To get the best deal on a storage unit, it is best to identify several units and put down details like location. You can easily do this via cnn news. This way, you will have options to compare so you can pick the one that offers best value.