By now, you’ve likely noticed the prevalence of car dealer chat software appearing on your competitors’ websites, and you may even have it on your own, but it’s important to remember that technology is constantly changing, especially in the world of online marketing. The services offered today are more sophisticated and targeted than they have been in the past, all of which means that more technologically sophisticated products are better at converting leads and booking test drive appointments at your dealership. If your service doesn’t already have features like behavioral analytics, targeted display ads, and an app that lets your salespeople monitor and get involved in conversations, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

At the foundation of any reliable car dealer chat software is a 24/7 call center that will answer visitors’ questions and queries in real time, at any hour of the day. They will also pick up out-of-hours and overflow calls directed at your dealership, which have been on the rise alongside mobile use for auto shopping. The reason is Click-to-Call, that handy button on Google that lets mobile users instantly call a local business, since it’s often faster and easier than finding that information from browsing on a mobile device.


While managed chat means that you don’t need to have anyone in your own dealership manning the window at all hours of the day, there are some aspects of the deal that only your sales team can handle, such as price negotiations, trade in appraisals, and credit applications. That’s where apps like RESQ, developed by software company Gubagoo, become invaluable tools for creating a seamless experience through the chat window. Salespeople download the app onto their phones and receive real time notifications when someone is using the live chat window; they can then monitor the conversation, communicate privately to the liaison in the call center, or even enter the conversation themselves to provide further information.

Whereas many services are passive, active chat is recognized as a better way to engage with visitors, since online viewing personalities are often quite similar to those in stores. Some people are quick to ask salespeople for help while others will pace through the aisles, undecided, until someone approaches them. The behavioral analysis system used by Gubagoo tells online liaisons when they should actively greet a website viewer based on how many times the visitor has been on the site, as well as information about what kind of products and promotions they have clicked on previously. By identifying the IP address and tracking its behavior flow, the behavioral analysis system allows online liaisons to provide relevant information about your inventory to prospective customers.

A behavioral analysis system can also allow your website to serve targeted display ads (those windows that appear at the bottom of the page with your promotions in them). Dealerships typically offer a wide variety of promotions at any given time in order to appeal to a wider variety of clientele, but unfortunately, with website space at a premium, you need to find a way to make the right ad find the right customer. Behavioral analysis takes into account past clicks when it serves up a promotion, meaning that if a viewer has previously looked into financing options, they will see relevant promotions first. If your car dealer chat service isn’t tailoring its message to the specific interests of your website’s visitors, it’s time to upgrade.