We live in a World that is packed full of problems, we have environmental problems, we have animals in danger of extinction and there are people all over the World living in poverty. Thankfully, although our planet may be blighted with problems, there are also millions of people around the World who understand that we live in a community which needs to help each other out.


Far too often people say that they don’t have time for charity and in all honesty, this is a relatively selfish opinion as there are many charitable acts which are simple to do and can make a huge difference. If you wish to be more charitable in your daily lives then here are just some of the ways in which you can do so.


Giving up your time to help others can not only make a huge difference but it can also be very personally rewarding. The amount of time you spend and how you spend it is completely up to you and it goes without saying that the more you do, the more difference you can make. You could spend an afternoon each week working in a local hospice, charity shop or children’s hospital for example, your time would be greatly appreciated and you can help some vulnerable people to improve their lives. If you have more time on your hands then you could head off into the World to volunteer in helping those in poverty, helping people to protect endangered animals or even helping communities to rebuild after natural disasters. The gift of time will cost you nothing but make a huge difference.

If you do not have the time to give up then you could simply open up your finances and give to those who are less fortunate than yourself. You could also donate money to any number of charities who are out there in the World helping people and rely on money from people like you to continue their efforts. Donations don’t have to be done directly you could find different ways to donate. For example you could take advantage of Gift Aid, a method in which the government donate taxes to charities, if you are selling your home you could look at selling to a non-profit in what is called a 170 exchange, you will sell your home and won’t pay any capital gains, the company will then sell your property and donate the money saved to charity. If you can’t manage something major, you could do something as simple as figure out what your tax refund is and donate that amount to a local charity

Kind Acts

Being charitable is not just about helping the global community, it is also about helping those around you and kind acts can really make the difference in people’s lives. Offering to look after your neighbor’s children, giving someone a ride to work instead of them taking the bus, buying a meal and a coffee for a homeless person, these are all great acts of charity and kindness that can really help make a difference to someone’s day and they do not take a great deal of effort.