I love watching television as much as the next person. Being able to catch up on some of my favorite television shows throughout the week, and even watching a flick or two with the family on the weekends can be a great pastime.

However, if you’re like me, you too have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to watch television hour after hour. I probably watch a total of ten hours of television (on a lucky week), yet the subscription services can often be kind of costly. Rather than ditch the television service altogether, I decided to switch from cable to satellite services while still looking for huge savings.

Here are a few options you might try to save on your satellite television service at home:

Bundling Services

One option that satellite television service providers have is bundling. This essentially means that you’re able to package your television, internet, and phone services into one for a discounted price. By choosing a bundle package, consumers can save as much as 10-20% on their monthly bill.

However, since satellite television service providers don’t have their own internet and phone services, you will have to receive the bundled discounts through their partnering service providers. There are several for you to choose from so that you can get the landline features and internet speed you need.

Compare Packages

Another way to get your satellite television bill down is to compare the various packages that are offered. Not only should you compare packages between various satellite subscription providers, but you should also compare packages within each company.

Each service provider has several packages (generally a basic, premium, and platinum package). Review each of the packages available to see which one will give you the best options for landline features, internet speeds and channel line ups. Visit tvlocal.com to go over the various packages on offer and choose which one will work best for your entertainment and communication needs.

Ask About Specials

Companies are looking to gain new customers on the regular basis. Therefore, if you really want to get a good deal, contact the company directly to find out what types of specials they might be able to offer you. Sometimes, you’ll find that a customer service representative is willing to offer you more discounts simply to get you signed up as a customer.

Upgraded Technology

Generally with a cable subscription service, you’ll need to have a cable box for every television set you have available. This can cost you an additional rental fee for each box you have. However, satellite service providers have new technology that will allow you to purchase wireless boxes that can connect and be used for multiple television sets. Several satellite television providers also give a huge savings for new customers looking to purchase the latest technology.

If you’re looking for convenient yet affordable ways to save money on your monthly television subscription services, these ideas will certainly help you save a bundle. When choosing the best television service provider, be sure to also compare things such as overall value, channel lineup, and features to get the best bank for your buck.

Now you can keep up with all the latest television shows and movies without having to break the bank. Here’s to binge watching and comfort foods. Enjoy.