If you feel like you’ve lost your sexiness since becoming a mom, you’re not alone. Surveys among women reveal that most go through similar struggles after giving birth.

Hormonal and bodily changes, lots of responsibilities and changing life priorities can all stand in the way of feeling like a sex goddess. Luckily, there are things you can do to get your mojo back. Eventually, you’ll feel like your old self once again and you may even develop a new sense of self-love.

Forget about Social Notions of Sexy

Society has an incredibly skewed view of what sexy is. Impossibly long legs, perky breasts, wearing lace lingerie all the time… these are superficial notions that don’t define sexiness and attractiveness.

Being sexy is all about owning your body, feeling confident in it and being unapologetic about your sexuality.

As a new mother, you may want to reconsider the superficial ways in which society has conditioned us to think about attractiveness.

Don’t let anyone tell you what sexy is. There are no specific parameters. Every person has their own understanding of attractiveness. The same applies to self-acceptance. This is the first thing you have to start working on. Yes, your body has probably changed after giving birth. Learning to accept the change and find new cute and sexy things to look at will help you regain your confidence quickly.

In other words, start working on the relationship you have with yourself. By doing so, you’ll quickly bring the sexy back.

Take Enough Time

Society has forced certain attractiveness notions on you and it has also given you a timeframe for getting back to the “old” you.

The thing is, you don’t have to go back if you don’t want to.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be very taxing. It’s nothing but natural to feel completely lacking in sex appeal and femininity for some time (especially if you went through some complications).

Give yourself enough time to recover. Focus on your health and your wellbeing. Prioritize sleep and healthy food. If you don’t feel like having sex, you really don’t have to. Pushing yourself to do something you’re not ready for will only make the recovery process slower.

Your body is amazing – after all, it created and nourished a human being for nine months. It definitely deserves a lot of love and peace. Take it slow and don’t think about sex at all if you don’t want to. By giving yourself a chance to recover, you will soon start feeling old urges returning. Just don’t make that a priority.

Start Experimenting with Sexy Time When You Feel Ready

Having a loving and supporting partner is very important in the months and even years after giving birth to your child.

When you feel ready, get back to sexy times. But first, do discuss the situation and be honest about your boundaries.

Some women need time to get back to their adventurous self in the bedroom. Being gentle and overly vanilla is ok in the start. Sex after childbirth can feel awkward, even unpleasant. It’s important to pay attention to your body’s responses and consider ways to make things better.

It’s possible to be completely resistant to partnered sex after becoming a mom. That’s normal and perfectly ok. If you’d like to enjoy a bit of sexy time without all the added pressure, start with solo play or a sex toy like a dildo first. Before deciding on what to get, check out the cyberskin dildo reviews. These will give you an opportunity to test your limits and discover exactly what you feel comfortable with.

Not only will such experiments help you get your groove back, they will also reveal new and potentially unsuspected aspects of your sexuality. Human sexuality is very fluid and it changes through time. Chances are that you don’t feel sexy right now because your needs have changed. Try to pinpoint what’s different if you want to embark on a successful sexual evolution journey.

Get Some Help

For many mom, sex becomes a non-entity because they’re too stressed out and overworked.

Are all of the chores, the baby care and your work leaving you completely drained and exhausted? In such instances, you’ll have to seek out some help.

Getting a nanny is essential if you don’t have anyone else to count on. Alternatively, you can talk to your partner and your parents/in-laws. If everybody puts some effort into baby care, chances are that you’ll start feeling like yourself much sooner.

Many ladies out there feel pressured to become superwoman after giving birth.

You don’t have to be amazingly strong and independent all the time. It’s ok to acknowledge the fact that you need assistance. This isn’t a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it takes a strong and confident woman to set some limits and stop pushing.

Pamper Yourself Every Once in a While

A spa day, a new dress a night out with the girls – these are simple example of activities that can make you feel good.

You don’t have to be selfless all the time. In fact, putting yourself first every once in a while will benefit all members of your household. A happy mom who feels sexy is also a wonderful partner and a caring parent. It’s not selfish to focus on your needs. In fact, it’s essential to enjoy balance and wellbeing at home.

There are many ways to pamper yourself and get some enjoyment out of the simple things in life.

With a bit of planning and assistance, you can easily start dedicating a few hours per week to yourself.

By doing so, you’ll remember what it’s like to feel like a human being and a woman. If you feel guilt about putting your needs first, deal with it. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a bit of selfishness every once in a while. And the people in your life know that you deserve some fun.

Being sexy is all about self-acceptance, whether you’re a teen or a new mom. We all go through periods that shake our confidence and self-love. Such ups and downs are normal. Don’t push yourself too hard if you feel down right now. Take good care of your body and your mind. Discuss your needs and be honest. By doing so, you will get the support and the time required to reclaim your femininity and your sexuality.