Why hire an interior designer? Could YOU design a room like this? (Thought so.)

Did you recently notice that the kitchen could do with a revamp, or that you haven’t given your bedroom the makeover in deserves in over 10 years? If so, now’s the time. Maybe you’ve been putting it off because you lack the creativity and don’t know if stripes would look good on the walls, or can’t decide between carpet or wooden floors. Well, there’s no need to panic because help is at hand! Why do all the hard work yourself when you can have someone else come in and think up all the ideas for you in the form of the experts. Here are 5 reasons why now is the time to hire an interior designer.

1.        Leave it to the experts

From choosing the right curtains to picking colour schemes, matching furniture to complement each other, and knowing what to put in the empty corners of the room, your interior designer will know exactly how to turn your ideas into a reality.  Or maybe you have no inspiration and creativity at all and need as much help as you can get? With their expertly trained knowledge, interior designers are able to offer you professional ideas to put a unique and creative stamp on your home, executing designers more perfectly than you’d ever imagined.

2.        Take the pressure off 

With the pressures of work, family life, kids and money, we already have so much to stress over so wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about redesigning your place too? Lift a weight off your shoulder and leave the experts to do their jobs- it’s what they are paid to do after all.

3.        Profit from the pro’s

Believe it or not, bringing in interior designers will actually save you some money and you might even make some profit out of it in the future too! Paying the professionals to decorate your home will keep you from making mistakes that could cost in you spending more to put it right.

Also, working in the interior design field probably means that they know more people within the industry than you do. This means that they have a wide variety of resources available to them, and are able to get you the best of the best from the contacts they have. This will leave you with the luxury to spend a bit more money on fancy accessories such as glass mirrors, a variety of lamps and chandeliers such as the ones Lampcommerce has to offer, as well as comfy couches and wooden coffee tables.

In the future, the value of your house will also increase and if it has also been designed by professionals, it only means that if you were to ever relocate and sell up, you’ll be sure to make profit from it.

4.        It has to be perfect

To you everything might already look perfect and finished ready for you to show your new home off, but the interior designers will not stop until everything down to the very last detail is right and as much to their pleasing as yours. Your house won’t be finished until everyone notices the WOW factor.


5.        Save yourself the headache

Not only will interior designers save you time, but also a lot of headaches and disagreements with your partner. It’s already hard enough finding time to spend quality time with family and friends when we work all day, but come Monday morning you’ll be sitting in your office knowing that your wallpapers and blinds are all being covered.

Even to this day, there’s a lot of hesitation when thinking of hiring an interior designer. It’s usually down to the obvious reason of thinking that it’s going to leave a hole in your wallet, but as you’ve just learnt, it won’t. So, why not save the time and hassle and see why hiring an interior designer might be the best decision you’ll ever make?