How often do you clean your home? Most Australians don’t clean their homes as often as they should. And this leaves harmful bacteria and pollutants to roam free around the home.

An Ajax-sponsored ‘Cleaning Home’ report revealed that nearly 31% of the Australians surveyed only clean their homes once in three weeks. Around 79% of participants cleaned their homes once a week. Neither of these statistics is great news for health and hygiene.

Clean homes promote good health. Dirty or cluttered environments don’t just expose you and your loved ones to bacteria and other harmful substances; they also induce negative mental experiences. This primarily happens in the form of stress.

If you don’t like house cleaning or don’t have the time to do it yourself, why not hire a professional house cleaning service. CleanMade is a professional house cleaning service that you can trust to keep your homes mess-free and your mind stress-free. Learn more about us at

Here’s how a professional house cleaning service can make you happy:

1) Breathe fresh air

Even if you’re careful, your home is probably more full of dirt, dust, allergens and other pollutants than you realise. You can’t stop pollutants from entering your home. Having a window open is more than enough to let small particles inside.

Usually, this isn’t a problem if you clean your home regularly. However, if you don’t clean often enough, the buildup of dust and small pollutants can lead to allergic reactions. If you have someone in your family who is allergic, then a professional house cleaning service can remove all the allergens from your home.

The hygiene hypothesis suggests that there is a link between asthma and allergy and maintaining good hygiene. A clean home environment is a basic foundation for maintaining good hygiene.

2) Enjoy deep cleaning services

Deep Cleaning is when every nook and cranny of your home is tended to. This includes the windows, the window ledges, the corners, and everything else. A deep clean service can be availed from and will make your home spic and span.

House cleaning Melbourne services like those from CleanMade ensure that at the end of the professional house cleaning session, no space will be left unclean.

3) Fight off mould

Mould is a serious problem for some Australian homes. If the house is being left unclean on a regular basis, you may not even notice the growth of mould in your home. When left alone, they tend to grow and expand and eventually become a health risk for people.

The impact of mould on health is serious, so is the effect it leaves behind on your home. Cleaning and repairing mould damage is expensive.

A regular professional house cleaning service ensures that someone is looking after any potential issues, such as the growth and development of mould. An extra set of experienced eyes can be helpful in maintaining a pristine and clean home.

If you live in a rented apartment or home, then mould damage can take a huge chunk out of your deposit too. Instead, employ house cleaning services such as CleanMade to ensure that your home is always a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

4) Let the right equipment do the job

Most people typically have standard cleaning equipment available around their homes. These can be great for regular cleaning, but it doesn’t always get the job done. On top of that, you may also be using the wrong product without knowing about it.

A professional house cleaning service will send you an expert who knows how to clean your home using the best products available. Professional cleaners use powerful vacuum cleaners, such as a High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuum, to clean even the most difficult stains. House cleaning Melbourne is all you need to enjoy the pleasures of a clean and hygienic home environment.

The biggest benefit to a clean home environment is the relaxation it can bring you. You don’t have to worry about coming back home from work and then having to clean. Schedule a professional cleaning service instead.

You can also schedule your appointments ahead of time so that a house cleaning services professional will regularly clean and maintain the hygiene around your home. Save your precious time and energy and let the house cleaning Melbourne handle your home’s cleanliness for you.

CleanMade is a professional house cleaning service based in Melbourne. Here you can enjoy house cleaning services that are designed to maintain a healthy and happy home environment. Learn more about CleanMade and get in touch with us today!