How Can Board Portals Save You Time and Money?
Photo by CC user kaboompics on Pixabay

Meetings are a pain. You thought that it would be easy, that it would stick to your schedule. But someone called you up and said that the place you booked two days ago just closed down.

You tried to reschedule, you calmly told yourself that it’s just a minor setback. On your second attempt, you realized that the attendees weren’t properly informed about the meeting so you ended up explaining the agenda of proceeding with the meeting.

Those are just two of the many scenarios that may happen when planning a meeting – not to mention all the problems that may happen during a meeting. stated that in America, unproductive meetings cost $37 billion a year. With that amount of money, companies could’ve invested in new ventures, paid higher wages or even used it to help others. It’s tragic to see all these resources and opportunities go down the drain and it’s all because of poorly managed meetings.

Luckily, board portals are here to change the paradigm. Board portals are meeting management apps; they are built to make meetings better and faster. How can board portals save you time and money? Read on below…

Less is more

A normal meeting requires a venue, documents and presentation tools. These are all expensive resources. However, board portals can easily do all those things at a fraction of the cost.

Board portals are digital meeting rooms that provide attendees all the tools they need to properly conduct a meeting.

No one gets left behind

Punctuality and attendance are big factors in time extensions. If one of the attendees is late then the meeting will have to start late, and if one is absent then they would have to reschedule the whole meeting, making it frustrating for others.

Board portals can create notifications so that all the attendees won’t forget their meetings. It’s similar to push notification of social media sites.

Smart data for smart meetings

Proper data creates proper answers, proper answers create proper solutions, proper solutions save everyone’s time and effort.

By collecting the record of the members, the meeting organizers can easily check the time and availability of each member. This way, they can make more time-friendly meetings and avoid unnecessary rescheduling.

Remote access for success

Stuck in traffic? Can’t go to work because of the unforeseen house problems? Flat tire? Not a problem.

With remote access, users can easily access their meetings as long as they have Wi-Fi or mobile data and a device with a board portal app installed. This feature also eliminates venue issues and other possible distractions such as picking up the right clothes to wear or wishing that the streets are not riled with traffic.

This is very important for emergency meetings, impromptu checks, and quick office huddles.

A lean mean scheduling machine

When you set the time, you have to start on time. Without a proper schedule, a meeting can be stretched, chopped up, or postponed. A good way to do this is to tell everyone that each item on the meeting has a schedule or you can set the board portal to do it for you. By creating a schedule, you can set expectations, answers, and feedback.

Setting agendas like you mean it

Without an agenda, a meeting is just as good as a friendly get-together. It sounds fun, but it will probably waste a lot of time and money.

Being able to set the agenda and its documents is a lifesaver for any organizer. This sets the tone and gravity of the meeting. It also helps the attendees prepare and organize themselves so that they can participate in the meeting.

Power tools for a power meeting

Presentations are the interactive part of the meeting. Usually a presenter shows and explains the documents to make their point across.

Board portals follow the same concept, with simple tools such as highlights, footnotes and drawing tools. These tools help the presenter give emphasis or directions on how to tackle a certain agenda item.

A clear voting system

A vote is like a thousand words— ­­it’s a compressed version of a person’s decisions, beliefs and response. Voting systems avoid a lot of possible chit chat, justifications, and possible shift of decision due to peer pressure.

And it ultimately erases the discussion of company politics inside the meeting. If ever fellow members want to discuss about politics, then they would have to do it after the meeting.

The goal is in your hands

If we can shorten it, then do it. Think of board portals like Azeus Convene as the natural progression of meetings. They make meetings more objective, less repetitive, and highly interactive.

Traditionalists might still go with face to face meetings, but with Convene as the meeting medium, you can now achieve paperless meetings, avoid wasting time, and solve agendas with a click.

Start making your meetings more productive. Who knows? It might help you save $37 billion.