There are millions of people with disabilities in the UK. Some disabilities are hidden, like mental impairments, while others are more noticeable. Disabled individuals face numerous challenges every day that impact their day-to-day life. A disability can make it more difficult to pursue hobbies and passions, like hiking and other outdoor activities.

Here are a few ways you can support people with disabilities.

Provide practical solutions

Wheelchair accessibility specialist, Allied Mobility, helps disabled individuals get around and become more independent. For example, Allied Mobility offers wheelchair accessible vehicles with an automated ramp system. Their vehicles are much easier to board for wheelchair users and far more practical. A wheelchair accessible car can make daily outings more enjoyable and much easier.

Educate yourself

If you want to help people with disabilities, you need to start by educating yourself. You need to understand the history behind disability, the social stigma, and the different types of disability. You can help to raise awareness of common challenges disabled individuals face.

Try volunteering

You could volunteer at your local charity for the disabled community and help people of all ages to navigate their disabilities. Allied Mobility recently shared the story of Debbie North, who made it her mission to make the British countryside more accessible. Debbie is a wheelchair user and loves hill-walking with her husband in Cumbria.

However, it can be challenging to go hiking in a wheelchair with so many barriers in the countryside. Debbie found an off-road wheelchair, called the Terrain Hopper, to use on her countryside walks.

Debbie decided to get involved with the Miles Without Stiles Initiative that seeks to remove barriers and rough terrain from The Lake District’s walking trails and natural parks. In doing so, the countryside will be more accessible for wheelchair users and those with other types of disabilities.

Debbie got involved with the work of Miles Without Stiles and has made fantastic progress for the disabled community in doing so. You can get involved in different initiatives and charities to make a change within the disability community. Do some research and find a mission that you connect with.

Check out Disability History Month

Disability History Month is just around the corner and spans from the 18th of November to the 18th of December. You can learn about different people’s experiences with disabilities and the challenges they currently face.

Get involved with the disability community and make a difference in your local area.