The gaming industry has come a long way over the past decade. When you look back at the games you once played over a decade ago, it is mind blowing to see the difference in graphics and gameplay. Modern technology has really advanced the gaming world, providing possibilities that were once a mere dream for gamers. So how exactly has the industry changed because of technology?

game graphics

More realistic gameplay

When video games first started out, they were pretty basic. Take adventure games for example. They relied heavily upon text based commands. However, over the years they started to become more visual thanks to advancements in technology. The actual gameplay choices also became a lot more sophisticated. As highlights, gamers started to expect more moral choices and sophisticated storylines in their adventure games.

One of the best examples of how advanced adventure games have become is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. This massive multiplayer game allows players to choose whether they want to follow the light or dark side and, from that initial choice, there are a huge amount of other decisions to be made that impact on the way the story plays out. Put simply, the amount of control players have in today’s games is unbelievable compared to the text game beginnings.

Mobile gaming – take your games wherever you go

Another huge development in the gaming world has been the ability to play games no matter where you are, like from The creation of smart phones and tablets brought with it the famous ‘App stores’. There are millions of apps in existence that can be downloaded straight to your device. Thousands of these are games, with new ones being created all the time. It was the creation of the iPhone that really launched mobile gaming and now they are available on all platforms. They are also extremely cheap and many are even free to download. The mobile gaming industry is a massive market that has really boosted the gaming sector. You can even play online casino games on the move too.

Ultra-impressive graphics

The graphics of modern games have by far been the biggest improvement within the sector. Offering eerily realistic gameplay, you can even view some games in 3D. Nintendo was the company to really offer full 3D games and as time has gone by, it has developed 3D visuals that you don’t even need glasses for. As featured on Business Insider, 3D technology is still pretty new in the gaming world, but it has made a massive difference to how we play and experience video games.

Overall modern technology has helped to drastically advance the gaming industry. While the changes thus far have been impressive, there are still further changes ahead. The latest technology to be developed within the gaming world is virtual reality. This will allow players to actually feel like they are in the game they are playing. When this technology is fully developed, it will really revolutionize the industry. As technology continues to improve, it is only natural to expect the gaming industry to improve alongside it, making innovative use of the opportunities provided by new advancements.