Even though we are living in a digital world, it’s still important to have access to a printer, both at home and in the workplace. Having a printer and needing to replace the ink can seem like a small task, however, if you make the right choices, you could save a lot of money on the ink that you buy. One of these ways is to buy non-original in cartridges.

What is a Non-Original HP Printer Ink Cartridge?

When you purchase a HP printer it will usually come with HP ink cartridges. When these start to run low, you have a choice between buying HP original cartridges and non-original cartridges.

Non-original cartridges are not made by HP. They are replacement ink cartridges that are not brand specific but have been created for a particular make and model of printer. The size and shape of the cartridges will match the ones supplied with your printer to ensure they fit and the ink inside the cartridges is usually of a high standard.

Where to Find Non-Original Printer Ink

The most convenient place to find compatible HP cartridges is online. There are many companies that specialise in producing high-quality ink that will be compatible with your HP printer.

Buying online is the easiest way to buy your ink, as you just need to find the correct ink and have it delivered to your door. However, that’s not all. For some replacement ink cartridges you can make massive savings online, such as this hp 65XL ink combo where you save money by buying in a pack of two. There are often deals to found and Smart Ink are one of the reputable online companies where you can find great value.

Savings, Savings, Savings

Finding deals online for printer ink is a great way to save money, but even when the ink isn’t on offer, replacement cartridges will usually be much cheaper than the original versions. Brands tend to over-charge on consumables such as printer ink because they can make a lot of profit as people don’t realise that they have an alternative.

You are also likely to find that if you buy in bulk, you will see even more savings. If you, or your business, does a lot of printing then it is worth shopping around to find a company that rewards you for buying large amounts of printer cartridges. If you don’t do a lot of printing then this isn’t a good way to save money. Printer ink goes out of date and so you could end up having to throw your cartridges away if you buy too many in one go.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

It’s great that you will find savings if you choose to switch to a non-original printer ink but it’s important that the quality you will find with original HP ink isn’t lost. Fortunately, replacement inks these days are of excellent quality and will often be found to be better than its original counterpart.