Being a recent graduate is never easy. College students are particularly at risk of having a very rough few years right after they graduate. Why? Well, college can become a dream place for young people who are looking for a job. It only seems that college is difficult, stressful, or dysfunctional at times. Very soon, recent graduates learn that college is only a trailer for the real world out there. All students are ambitious, impatient, and eager to try themselves in the grown-up world. However, as it turns out, finding a good job even when you have a good college degree is not that easy. A serious competition, lack of professional or other experiences, bad resumes and interview skills, all of that can prevent a graduate from getting a position they want. We can’t help with most of those issues. However, we can share some tips on how to write a perfect resume that will earn you an interview. Here’s how to do it.


Before you start typing your resume down, you need to think of all the things you can put in there. Think of the special skills you have. Try to recall all the volunteering projects you participated in or organized. Think of what you have learned during your internships and part-time jobs. Your resume should not (and cannot) be empty. If you have managed to make it through college, there must be something you are already good at. Also, be ready that making a resume may feel uncomfortable at first. After all, we are rarely told that bragging about ourselves and our achievements is good. However, this is exactly what you need to do here. You need to recall everything that shows you in a good light, from your skiing successes to your talent towards writing great proessaywriting reviews, and write those things down. Now, once the hardest part is over, cross out everything that has little relationship to the positions you are applying for.

Read the job description

There’s no better tip than this one – read the job description. It has everything you need to write down in your resume. A job description is basically your cheat sheet. Your potential employers put everything they want to hear from you in that short text. They tell you what they expect, want, and don’t and want from the candidates. All you need to do now is to read it carefully, analyze it, and see whether you are the right person for them. If you want to proceed, you use this description as your guide. Search for the keywords there and insert them in your resume. Often, big corporations receive so many applications that their HRs just can’t go through all of them. So all they do is search for the keywords. Thus, you better try well to have them included in your file.

Stay calm

Too often, when we find a perfect job that is everything we could have dreamt of, we start acting on emotions rather than rationals thinking. We start to doubt ourselves. We worry. We rush to send our application before it’s too late, or, on the opposite, we linger in fear. This is not the way you do it. Staying calm and focused is your way of creating a perfect resume and showing yourself in the best light. If you know you are a perfect candidate for a job, you need to show it. Don’t be shy, but don’t be too straightforward. “Show not tell” is a good rule here. It means that you shouldn’t just tell them how good you are for this position. Instead, you show them that by mentioning your skills, achievements, education, and else. In this case, your resume should speak louder than you. It is like when you order professional writing services and wonder, “is papersowl legit?” and then you open its reviews and success stories and start feeling confident about it.

The bottom line

Remember that no resume should be the same. Each job position deserves to have a separate resume and motivation letter. You need to adjust your CV every time you apply somewhere new. Inserting the keywords and emphasizing certain aspects of your talents over others is crucial for having a perfect resume for each job. Even if you don’t master the art of resume writing from your first tries, you will definitely nail the art of editing. You can also use the help of professional writers and editors when it comes to proofreading. Though, do read some edubirdie reviews to see whether it is the right place for your requests. Also, don’t forget that making a good resume is only part of the job. Having a successful interview is the key to getting a job. Thus, do spend as much time preparing for the interview as you do create a resume. This is a plan for success.