If you have a channel on YouTube and you want to monetize it in this process, then it’s time for you to learn about proven promotion methods.

There are many services for promoting your YouTube channel, which will help to bring your channel to the top of search engines. Today we’ll tell you about one of such services, but first, let’s talk about how YouTube algorithms work in general.

First of all, pay attention to the content. Read the rules, which prescribes the site itself, so that the information you want to convey to your audience is consistent with it. Once you understand that your content is suitable for YouTube, you need to determine the topic of your channel.

Choose niche on Youtube:

Your content is the face of your channel. If you like computer games, then the game format is perfect for you. If you’re a fitness trainer, it’s useful to tell your audience about proper nutrition and weight loss secrets. Anything you like should be a defining criterion when choosing a niche.

In order to choose a theme for your videos, pay attention to what you look at most often and what content you pay attention to. Also always follow the recommendations that the platform offers you, to be aware of what videos are trending right now!

If you have decided on the subject matter, now it’s time to choose a look that should be different from the others. You must have something that you can catch the audience with. Choose a chip that will set you apart from the others. Determine your style and content. Once you do this, start shooting.

Don’t forget to use hashtags!

You need to understand what you’re talking about in your video. Define a main, specific topic and a few general ones. For example, if you make a video about how to buy likes on YouTube quickly and profitably, your specific hashtag would be “Buy likes on youtube”, and the general hashtag would be “promotion on YouTube”, “increase activity”. These hashtags should be presented in the description of your video!

Hashtags should be as specific as possible. As we said before, you need to add them to the description of your video because other users will be able to find your video using these keywords.

What about quality?

Quality content always looks expensive. This does not mean you have to shoot the video exclusively with a professional camera, for quality content you need to present it well to the audience. Good quality images and voices during a video are only 50% of the time your video will be seen through to the end.

One of YouTube’s algorithms is that people need to see your video to the end. The more people watch your video, the more chances you have to improve your ranking. To make this algorithm work for you buy “Youtube views with high retention” that attract viewers to your channel who are sure to see your video through to the end!

Promote your video. Go to the Recommendations:

It’s better to use SMM panels for better promotion. First, this is the fastest and best way to promote your content. Secondly, in this case, it is done by professionals. Also, you can choose the social networks and content you want to promote. All you need to do is buy youtube views!

Also, use other promotion channels as well:

Repost your videos to other social media sites you use. Make posts on your Instagram account, Tik-Tok and Facebook. Ask your friends to share your videos in their accounts. Use as many ways as possible to spread your ideas on the internet!

Optimize your YouTube channel.

A YouTube channel is the best way to find your target audience.

You can compare a normal website and a YouTube channel, your playlists are categories and sections. Instead of articles and different products in the form of products or services – videos.

You need to combine similar videos into a playlist. This is the first step to optimizing your channel.

Playlists are displayed in the search results on the service. Work on the description and title in the playlist settings to make it easy and convenient for users to find them. This is where you need to organically add keywords to the description.

The advantages of playlists: If a user has auto playback turned on, all the videos in the selected playlist will play automatically in sequence when the user watches a video from the playlist.

Your channel cover art is also a promotional tool.

A new user who visits your channel should stay there as long as possible. Your cover should be clickable. Use a bright profile design to attract more attention. If you have a logo, use it on the cover. Don’t write long texts, try to mention only the main topics of your activity in your channel description.

Come up with a trailer for your channel.

Your trailer should look like your channel’s business card cover. Make a brief overview of your channel. This will help you get to know your viewers better. New users will be able to understand the topic of your blog. You can also use the trailer as a presentation of one of your most important videos. This way, your content will attract a new audience. Think of it as a trailer for a movie, after which people want to see what it was about. Make it interesting and mysterious so that after watching it, people want to know what’s going on in your channel.

Perform your channel in money: monetization

Monetizing your YouTube channel is not only a way to promote but also an opportunity to make money. YouTube algorithms give preference to monetized channels. However, in order to submit an application, you need to meet a number of conditions

The most important thing is to approach the issue of promotion seriously from the very beginning! Make content, make videos, and have fun with the process.