Squinting, smoking, sun damage, harsh cosmetic products, alcohol, and repetitive facial expressions take their toll on the skin. So does collagen loss, which occurs naturally as people age. 

One thing is clear, though: these are never welcome signs for anyone. Early signs of aging can indeed jolt you into reality and create a panic. 

Well, this is not useful.  What is, however, is having some go-to tips and tricks to help you prevent early signs of aging and help you enjoy your youthful looks for longer. 

Consider a Face Lift

If you often admire Hollywood types who seem to be aging backward, this is often the reason behind it. 

When surgeons make a facelift, they strive to correct visible signs of aging. These include skin sagging and wrinkles. This is done by making tiny cuts in the front ear and the hairline. These incisions are used to gently lift the skin on the face and, at times, the neck. 

Underlying supportive tissues can get tightened as well. The result? Less sagging and a more youthful-looking face.

Quit Smoking

For smokers, quitting the habit is among the best things you can ever do for your general health and skin. 

Smoking affects your skin in several ways. 

Nicotine leads to narrowed blood vessels, which reduces nutrient and oxygen flow to the skin. Chemicals in cigarettes also trigger a number of events that damage or remodel structures that support skin elasticity. 

The more and the longer you smoke, the more pronounced and the earlier aging signs will show up on your face. If you are having problems kicking the habit, talk to your GP about a nicotine patch.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

The scorching sun does a lot of damage to your skin, leaving it looking and feeling dry and burned. 

If you cannot avoid being out in the sun, sun protection creams and a wide-brimmed hat are a must-have. 

Sunglasses with UV protection are great in protecting your eyes and the skin around them. 

Identify a good water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Whenever you leave the house, ensure to apply a generous amount of it to all parts of your body that will not be covered by clothing. 

Eat Well

What you eat and don’t eat will determine the quality and health of your skin. 

Fruits and vegetables are known to help in preventing the damage that leads to premature skin aging. 

Diets with a high carbohydrate and sugar content, on the other hand, lead to premature skin aging. 

Start Early

The best thing you can do for yourself is to begin practising good anti-aging habits as early on as possible. 

Fostering good, healthy skin works much better than trying to reverse the signs of aging.