California is the hub of different cultures, people, and places. It is popular for its beautiful and versatile architecture, such as the golden gate bridge in San Francisco.

Real estate in California was thriving before Corona ruined it. The pandemic froze the whole world and its economy. There was no time frame about when life and business would get back on track. However, contrary to people’s belief amid the crisis, real estate in California started skyrocketing with homes increasing in value despite the turning economy. Given the current statistics, this is the perfect time to sell a house fast in Cali.

Here are key points that are needed to be considered before selling the house.


Hiring a realtor is a tricky business but still better than selling on one’s own. A realtor has contacts and knows the value and worth of the house. But like any other profession, a thorough assessment of their qualification and capabilities is important.

  • Check their portfolio
  • Interview more than four realtors before hiring one
  • Inquire about how much can they sell the house in

But always remember. there is no guarantee that the realtor would be able to secure the profit that the owners are looking for. Moreover, there would have to be a lot of renovation to make the house appealing. Sometimes, realtors do not show interest in the property and start convincing the seller to go with the first offer, making it look like the best offer.


There are numerous techniques that can be adapted when selling the house fast but the most important and the foremost is cleaning and decluttering. It helps in making the interior appealing to potential customers.

Pack away all the extra materials that might make rooms look crowded. Buyers are always looking for big spaces. Messy looking houses leave a sour taste. Organize the closet, storage, and food pantry. Interested buyers are definitely going to dissect every inch of the house before even thinking about purchasing it.

Handle any quick repairs

While there is not much time for major renovations, it is still important to take care of any easy fixes that might be pointed out by the potential buyers:

  • Repair spots where the paint is scraped or rubbed
  • Fix detached tiles
  • Mend loose door handles
  • Fasten leaky faucets

There might even be a need to make some minor adjustments in the house that will prove to make the appearance better. Experts suggest to:

  • Repaint the house
  • Put new hardware in the kitchen or might have to replace the cabinets

It is also a good idea to install some latest technology-based hardware or bathrooms interior to upright the housing demand. Fix the electricity system or upgrade it. Try setting modern themes in the house.

Having a great and functional home with no cracks is essential to attract any buyer. 

Pack Up And Hire A Stager

Staging is pretty common in real estate sales, especially if one is looking for ways to sell the property fast. If the owner needs the house to be sold fast they have to pack their belongings as soon as possible, to make the house look open and clean. A professional stager will bring his own furniture and decoration that would complement the house and define its best characteristics. This helps in making the house look welcoming signifying a sense of home.


As much as it is important to have a great interior, it is also crucial to have a well maintained, sophisticated, and polished exterior. The first thing that any potential buyer is going to examine is the exterior, so it’s better to get it fixed. The best option would be to hire a professional landscaper. Here are some adjustments that can help in selling the house fast:

  • Trim hedges, shrubs, and leafy tree trunks.
  • Clean walkways and corridors.
  • Neat windows and door-knobs.
  • Clean spiderwebs and debris from the front patio.
  • Renovate lights or mailboxes.
  • Paint the front gate.
  • Plant blossoms.


 It is better to get the house professionally photographed. Even though it might seem convenient and cheap to capture the picture on one’s own, it has been researched that beautiful, neat, and attractive pictures are the first point that attracts potential customers.

A photographer only costs a few hundred dollars, if there is a real estate agent that is hired then he might provide a professional photographer. Ask him if the photographer can make a 3D virtual tour of the house, to get even better chances of a sale.

Before the images are taken, the house should have beautiful lightning to enhance the interior. Photographers suggest depending more on natural light.


Once everything is taken care of, it is time to set a price and a description of the house that will help in selling it faster. Highlight the best features of the house in the description and using effective and appealing keywords are the keys to attract buyers.

Try including plus points of the neighborhood, the security, brotherhood, educational institutes, transport facilities, parks, local restaurants, amusement parks, etc. This method is especially effective if the owner is selling the house on their own. If there is an agent that has been hired then he will most probably take care of the description.

Selling the house on one’s own is time-consuming and would cost a lot of money, moreover, it can initiate a lot of stress and make the normal life hard.

There is another way that one can use to sell house fast in Cali, contacting a real estate company that is going to purchase the house “as-is“, which means that the owner would not have to renovate, nor go through a realtor. This helps in saving the commission fees and taking a lot of burdens off the owner. Such companies always credit themself in paying in cash which is a bonus if there is a financial urgency.

With the right knowledge and by approaching the right option, according to the owner’s need, this tiresome process can become quite hassle-free.