The main reason for starting to use the PRINCE2 project methodology is to give your project team greater control over the pieces of work that they carry out. Yet, they aren’t the only people in the company who are going to benefit from this approach.

Who else will feel the benefits of your adoption of PRINCE2? The business areas are certainly going to be among the big winners once you start using these techniques.

Give Them More Confidence in the Projects You Run for Them

It is common for business areas to worry about what they are going to be given once the project has ended. Will they get what they need and have asked for? Or will they realise at the last minute that they are going to get landed with something that is totally unsuitable?

A lack of confidence and trust between business areas and the project team is one of the greatest sources of conflict in any project. Thankfully, if you decide to make the switch over to the PRINCE2 way of working it will make this relationship a lot smoother.

Two of the main factors here are the planning and the communication that are big parts of PRINCE2. If your team carries out both of these elements well then the business areas will feel much more confident about their chances of getting the results that they crave.

Let Them Get More Involved

Another potential issue is lurking on the horizon, though. Business areas can feel negative towards a new project if they feel that they are being completely left out of it.

They may start to feel resentful if they think that something unsuitable is being imposed upon them by the project team. Are their thoughts being taken into account or are they just being treated as though it doesn’t matter what they want?

PRINCE2 methodology gives you the perfect way of bringing some business experts into the project. They may just add some expertise and advice when needed. Or they may undertake their own PRINCE2 Courses Cardiff and join the project team on a more regular basis.  

Show Them What You Are Doing

As we saw earlier, planning and communication are important parts of the PRINCE2 approach. These tasks let everyone feel confident that the project is on the right track.

They also mean that there is no need to leave your business areas in the dark about anything. If they want to know what you are going to deliver and when it will be ready then you can provide fast and accurate answers to them.

Of course, there may be some sensitive projects that contain information you need to keep rather more under wraps. However, in general terms you should look to foster a stronger working relationship by sharing any information that they may be interested in seeing.

Deliver Exactly What They Need

Finally, there is one sure-fire way to annoy your business area and make life more awkward for them. This is to deliver something that they don’t want and don’t need.

On the other hand, you can use your PRINCE2 techniques to give them results that genuinely make their jobs easier for them to carry out. This is the ideal target for any project of any type; keep the end customer satisfied.

If you can do this then you can expect to receive more support from your business areas whenever you need it. This can be a huge help in allowing you to run excellent projects that are a pleasure to be involved with from the start through to the finish.