John Kang WebMD is a highly experienced general surgeon, a specialized surgical oncologist and even a successful businessman. His work was always ethical and the focus was always put on finding ways to help those that need it the most. That is why we should highlight what he says about how to choose the best possible general surgeon. The following are the best tips from John Kang MD.

The Primary Care Provider

Whenever you want to find the best possible surgeon, your first recommendations will come from the primary care provider. Whenever someone is recommended, the important thing to do is ask questions about why that surgeon is actually recommended. Do not simply accept someone because he/she will accept insurance. This is not a good enough referral.

Talk With Close People About Their Surgeon

Some of the recommendations you can trust come from really close family members and friends. They are always going to tell you just about those that can actually be trusted, which is definitely something that is important at the end of the day. Ask as many questions as you may want since friends can tell you if they were properly prepared for a surgery and if all needed information was offered in order for a fully-educated decision to be made.

Find A Respected Support Group

When you need to have surgery because of a common condition, there is a good possibility that there is a local support group that will help you. Alternatively, only support groups are available. You can easily use this as a referral resource. Various options are going to be presented. Compile your own list of general surgeons based on what is said about the work that was done.

When you need to go through highly specialized surgery, it is possible that the best recommendations are located in totally different parts of the country. When uncommon surgery is necessary, it is not always possible to stay close to your home, unless you live in one of the major cities.

The Insurance Company

You can always contact the insurance company in order to request a general surgeons list that features those that accept the insurance. Such lists are even available online these days at company websites. When the family physicians request specialists, do look for the list.

After the list is obtained, compare names with what you got from other sources. It is always a great idea to work with general surgeons if they accept your insurance since this means you are going to have to pay a lot less. However, this is only possible when the surgery you need is actually covered by the insurance policy.

A Consultation

Last but not least, it is really important that you talk with the general surgeon and that you ask all the questions you might think. The face-to-face consultation is going to reveal a lot. You want to be sure that you trust your general surgeon. If at any point in time you do not, look for another doctor!