You may have come across a people search engine on the internet before. These websites allow you to find a lot of information about individuals from around not just a country but even the world. Indeed, a lot of people use these websites to complete a free criminal record check because these online records also many different details. If you want to use these websites for any reason, be that to track down your biological parents or to find out whether your new boyfriend is actually a sex offender or simply because you are nosey, it is important that you know a little bit more about his websites.

Completing a Free Criminal Background Check

There are some very obvious practical reasons to using these types of search engines. Not just that, it can be a lot of fun period it really appeals to our nosey nature. Indeed, most people have started by looking themselves up and have been highly amused and sometimes surprised by the results that they have found. If you want to complete a people search, for whatever reason, you should start by having their full name. Indeed, the more details you can access the better it is. You can imagine, for instance, that’s if you are looking for someone called John Smith and that is the only thing you know, you will end up with thousands of results.

The next thing to remember is that there are significant differences between the various websites that allow these types of background checks. Usually, the free ones find it more difficult to remain fully up-to-date and accurate so if you do find something that shocks you, it may be best to double check this by cross-referencing it with other public records. It is also quite common for websites to claim that they offer a free background check when what they actually offer is a free trial, hoping that you will end up signing up for a full service.

There is a lot of debate going on about whether or not these websites should be around at all. People feel as if their privacy has been violated because people no longer look up other people’s information for their own protection. For instance, nobody can complain about someone wanting to know whether there childcarer has a background of child abuse period however, because we are so nosey, we have a tendency to look up just about anybody and we have also seemingly forgotten how to think critically about any information that we come across.

You must understand the limitations of these websites therefore. All the information they list is a matter of public records but those public records are officially held in separate county and state government offices. For a single website to be able to check all of those offices and gather all of that data would be nearly impossible. This is why it is so likely that the information you end up receiving is out of date and why you should double check it.