iPhone 5 succeeded iPhone 4 in the line of iPhone smartphones with its peculiar features too. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that all smartphones share the same fragility and the need for proper protection from external factors that may damage them. Spoiler alert the T8CASE is the best!


Here’s list of the best iPhone 5/5s wallet cases and their features:

•    SmartFlex: This is a beautifully crafted wallet case for iPhone 5/5 by Speck. It is a sturdy and high-quality wallet case that protects your phone while you keep some credit cards in the appropriate space on the phone for emergency spending.  The case comes in a variety of colours, offers a year warranty, and a feature that supports thumb release. You can buy the case for $34.95

•    Felix HandHold: When you are looking for a wallet case that can protect your phone without adding an extra weight to the device, your best bet is Felix HandHold wallet case. It has a unique design that looks like a hand holding the device. This case is made in an array of colors and is extremely light weight. It is very strong because it is made of thermoplastic and can hold about 2-3 credit cards. For as little as $29.99, you can buy this case.

•    BulletTrain SAFE wallet: This iPhone5 wallet case is beautiful in appearance and ranks high among the best wallet cases for iPhone smartphones. Some of the features of the wallet include a secret stash to keep your credit cards, very thin and light-weight, and some other features.  Despite its thin appearance, it is very strong and built to provide all round protection that will spare your phone the problems of cracks, drips, scratches, and shocks. You don’t have to deal with nicked, chipped, or cracked screen. It also has a safe stash where you can keep a micro-sim card or some medications. The SAFE wallet sells for $49 in online stores.

•    Otterbox: Otterbox is a bulky wallet case but is a strong, powerful, and high-quality case for your iPhone. Flipping the wallet from the back will reveal the ability of the case to hold several some cash and several cards. The wallet case is made of the best material which is a guarantee of the how durable the case is. Otterbox offers a very good protection from shocks and drops, two of the major problems that damage a phone. It also contains a screen protector to shield the phone from damage by external objects or too much ray of sun. For a little less than $50, you can buy an Otterbox iPhone wallet case.

•    Vault Skin Slim: Vault Skin iPhone wallet case is a cool wallet case for iPhone 5/5s. The use of this wallet case reduces the exposure of the phone to foreign objects that may spell doom for a phone. No screen problems can arise as a result of the direct impact of any foreign object on the screen.  Some of the features of the wallet case include holding 8 cards, the inclusion of two compartments for cards in addition to being made from genuine leather that will ensure the prolonged lifespan of the case.  It is relatively cheap at $34.95.

If you have a prized possession as this iPhone with important information stored on it, the least you will want to become of it is to suffer some cracks or damage that will prevent you from access to the information when you need it. With a good wallet case, you can prevent such an unfortunate occurrence. It will only cost you a few bucks but will assure you of protection of your device and information.