The latest and smallest addition to the Skoda SUV family is the Kamiq, giving you a comfortable and spacious interior for a classic city drive. Don’t let the size of the car fool you, as it can still be relied upon for a nice family car that’ll fit you and the kids with ease. Following the trend of other Skoda SUVs, this is another smooth driving car that’s name was derived from the Inuit word, which in basic terms means, “second skin”. This Skoda Kamiq review will break down some of the key features that you can expect to find in this SUV crossover. 

Most Spacious Car in its Class

It’s clear that as soon as you step into the car, Skoda’s claim of offering roomy and comfortable small SUVs is on full display with the Skoda Kamiq. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that this comfort extends from the front seats to the back seats, with the rear being able to fit three adults. With 730mm of legroom in the back, it’s not too bold to say that you’ll be able to go for the Kamiq over larger SUVs if you’re looking for a roomy cabin. 

Other usual suspects in this class such as the Kia Stonic or the Hyundai Kona don’t offer anything near this type of room, giving the Skoda Kamiq the edge here. Although you might be worried that this healthy amount of legroom means that the boot space has been bitten into a bit, the boot still offers a generous 400L of space, which extends to 1395L when these back seats are folded flat. 

City Suited Engine 

One of the great things you’ll notice when taking the Skoda Kamiq for a drive around the city is its performance on the roads. The 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder engine provides for a smooth and surprisingly quiet ride. In instances where you may need to rev the engine a bit more than usual, the car responds well and does remain consistent over time. 

The optional sports chassis is available for those of you who are looking to flex your inner sporty muscles. This chassis helps to tighten up the suspension on the Kamiq and will give you the option of configuring the chassis settings in the main menu for the Driving Mode Select. 

Quality Infotainment System 

The Skoda Kamiq currently offers three different infotainment systems, with varying screen sizes. Even the entry-level 6.5-inch screen is positioned nicely and offers a number of great connectivity features. Sitting up high on the dash, it gives you a nice and clear screen to glance at when driving. One of the more notable features in the infotainment system is the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to access apps and messages from your smartphone on the infotainment display. 

Top Safety Systems 

As a standard across all models, the Kamiq features a number of top safety system making driving in the city a more safe and enjoyable experience. The lane assist is one such feature that’s great for making sure you don’t drift out of your lane, thanks to the camera which identifies lane markings. The front assist features of predictive pedestrian protection and city emergency brake are also brilliant for a chaotic city drive. This monitors the front of your car and helps to prevent accidents, taking a little strain off you when driving. 

The ‘Simply Clever’ Skoda features make the Kamiq a valuable choice in their set of SUVs. Perhaps now edging out the other two top performers in terms of being a smart and compact SUV choice for city driving, the Skoda Kamiq offers a supremely comfortable and smooth drive.