Since the warning signs of Covid 19 rang out across media platform at the start of the blighted year of 2020, the attention to this global pandemic has had a crushing and catastrophic implication on everyone. Since the imminence of a second wave of infected cases, the on-going effects can be felt through the cabin fever of staying home.
Since staying at home is now ‘the new normal’, its rational to consider the ways in which we can satisfy our human needs and impulses. 

Broadly speaking, the essential need to connect with other people is a worthy focus to keeping positive mental attitudes throughout the maddening times of Covid.


James Haidak is a friend and DJ who understands the merits of music and how it brings people together. He discussed with me over the phone, the importance of compiling playlists for someone special and how it can connect with our spirits, more than a simple conversation. Here’s how me makes his.

Know your audience

It sounds a little obvious but James explains how so often making compositions and playing to groups of listeners can go so wrong if what you’re playing is not to someone’s taste. He describes the evangelical urges to introduce people to music of their own taste should be harnessed by focusing on areas of sounds that are similar to your friends.
However, adding an esoteric number can really help add contrast to the curation of the tracks and lift the journey to one where the recipient wants to repeat the playlist without skipping. That’s the true sign of a successful mix.

Who is it for?

James advises that determining a recipient as a friend or love interest is important. Considering the playlist as a conversation between 2 people, a regular friendship can have the relaxed attitude of simply showcasing great music to appreciate together. Something relating to romance will require a slightly more nuanced approach. Whether one is trying to woe a person or simply say sorry, the art of selecting the right songs can open up the head and heart of a person. As a higher form of sentiment and emotional reach, music can use the words we simply failed to find in a conversation.

What is the music and how to does it flow?

Whether you are compiling a best of The Beatles B sides or making a Black Metal Soundtrack for an imaginary film, building a strong playlist requires the attention of what general sound you are going for. 

After doing so, the real exacting focus is where the magic happens. James explains this as being the aspect where the real music obsessives find themselves. Consider the relationship of one track to its former. It could be finishing and starting on the same key or could compliment the note (e.g. Chord G works with C). Lyrics can also prolong the statement.

Whether its blue grass or blues, metal or garage, building successful  playlists is not a quick thing to do. Dwell with your selections and know your music well. Playlists are something to share.