There are many fabulous places you could visit when needing a break and a chance to recharge your batteries. The USA should certainly be at the top of any list because of the many amazing locations you can travel to in this vast, beautiful country. That sheer size can sometimes be tricky especially if you only have a limited amount of time in the US. To overcome this problem, the best option is to find interesting spots that are easy to reach when you visit popular destinations. This means you get to see more places in the same period.


With around 1.5 million inhabitants, Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. There is plenty to do there, from betting NFL online in PA where it is legal, to checking out the many bars, shops, and restaurants. An advantage is that Philly is close to New York City so you can easily travel to the city after enjoying time in the Big Apple. Philly has a different vibe to NYC so you will get a different experience when there. Be sure to check out the cheese and steak sandwiches the city is famous for and run up the steps of the Museum of Art like Rocky!

Fort Lauderdale 

If you are planning a trip to wonderful Miami, then take some time to visit nearby Fort Lauderdale. Although the 23 miles of beaches are worth checking out, it also has something different than Miami to offer. The thriving art scene is worth discovering and there are some great galleries to browse around. Many visitors also like to jump aboard the Jungle Queen riverboat for a cruise with dinner included. There are also lots of great shops which sell crafts made by local artists. With a more relaxed vibe, Fort Lauderdale is perfect for unwinding after the passion and intensity of Miami. 


If you are planning to travel around the US West Coast, then Berkeley is worth considering. It is close to San Francisco and can be reached with a short hop across the bay. Once you have spent some time in San Fran then it is the ideal place to move onto next. The scenery is stunning and there are some great hillside paths to stroll along. Berkeley is also a historic university town which means it has a lively yet academic feel. Fourth Street in this city has some great independent boutiques to shop in and the food scene is thriving. 

San Diego

A very popular place for people to visit in the California region is LA. But what else is close by worth visiting to make the most of your time? Without doubt, lovely San Diego is certainly a place that merits attention. The 72 miles of coastline are the big draw and the weather always seems to be good. What makes San Diego different enough to visit is the less pretentious feel it has than other Cali cities. It has a feeling of being a collection of small villages rather than one big, sprawling whole which makes traveling around it endlessly intriguing. From sunset watching at Embarcadero Park to hiking in the Maple Canyon or surfing the waves, there is always something to do in San Diego


If you will be planning a trip to popular Charlotte in North Carolina, then Asheville is worth visiting. Once a well-kept secret, more people are starting to find out just what this charming town close to Charlotte has to offer. As well as the relaxed Southern hospitality you would expect, Asheville also has a real hippy side. This is seen in its many local breweries which are great for beer lovers! The stunning Blue Ridge Mountains are also another major attraction and are perfect for hiking or walking trips. The local cafes and restaurants also serve the most incredible food.

Make the most of your time in the US

If you only have a finite amount of time to spend in the US, then it makes sense to fit in as much as you can. The best way to do that and to see more of the country is by taking in places that are close to popular locations you may travel too first. By using this method, you can easily see more of the US without having to travel too far between locations. It is a really good way to build up lots of fabulous memories to bring home with you.