The world of christianity has changed a great deal in the modern age in which we live and whilst the face of the religion may have changed somewhat but the way in which good Christians must conduct themselves most certainly haven’t. In order to be a a good Christian you don’t necessarily need to dedicate everything you do to it, there is a stark difference between being a man of God like pastor and prophet TB Joshua and being an average person who is simply trying to live their life through the eyes of God. Lets’ take a look then at how you can be a better Christian and adapt your lifestyle to please the Lord.


Give Thanks

Giving thanks to the Lord is one of the most important aspects of your life, you should consider all that he has given you and regularly speak with him and give him your offerings of prayer so that you can tell him just how grateful you are for what you have in life. It is about always looking for the important stuff in life, you may feel as though others have a better life than you but you simply need to take a look around and appreciate all of the good things which you have in life.

Be Charitable

A good Christian will follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ the Savior and offer their time and materials in helping others. Many people think that they do not have time to help others but in fact, you can be charitable and offer yourself in the smallest of ways, encouraging someone, putting your arm around them, offering to take their kids to school or even spending a day doing some voluntary work are all great Christian efforts and you should be aiming to live your life like this.

Don’t Forget Church

Many people think that they can pray at home instead of going to church and whilst you should most definitely be praying at home, it is important that you join your fellow Christians in the house of the Lord at least once a week. Christian are a community under God and in order to be a part of this community you should ensure that you worship at the house of God, the church. Christians need one another and you can help out your fellow brothers and sisters by being there in the place of worship.

Love Above All

Look at all aspects of life with the eyes of love, Christians were taught that above all, love is victorious and with love in your heart, you can achieve great things and help many people. If people do you wrong then offer forgiveness, if you see someone in trouble then offer your heart. One of the single greatest characteristics of a good Christian is the offering of love and if you want to be the best Christian that you can be, then love is where to start.