Not only is laminate nice and wallet friendly, it is also a fantastic care free choice when it comes to maintenance and care. All it needs is a classic mop, no specialist floor cleaner, and a sweep a couple of times a week (it won’t show the dirt too easily!) As well as this, it is also stain, scratch and stain resistant, great for rooms that see high exposure to these, however just be careful with any spillages as larger abundances can cause damage if they’re not removed quickly! The main issue with laminate is that if it is damaged, there’s no real way to eradicate it and you’ll have to put up with it or purchase a new floor.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

LVT is much like laminate in a lot of ways, but with even better maintenance properties! It is also affordable, but as opposed to laminate it is stain, scratch and water proof – ideal for the kitchen and bathroom! It is also anti slip (great for bathrooms after bath time and playtime). As well as being sound proof. It also looks so similar to natural products it imitates such as wood and stone, that often it’s hard to tell them apart! Cleaning is very straight forward too, with only needing soap and water. It’s pretty much faultless for mums!


Although wood is not the most practical flooring choice, it does probably fall somewhere in the middle and certainly has it’s advantages. When it comes to cleaning, you do have to take a little more care. Be careful with what mop attachment you use, as some of the harsh ones can be known to scratch. Don’t make the mop too west either, as wood isn’t ideal when it comes into contact with too much water. However if damage does occur, then don’t worry. It can be sanded down and refinished to remove any damage, which is ideal in a busy family household!