Sports betting is an awesome way to make some extra cash or, if you are really good at it, even replace your regular income. There are some many sports to bet on and so many markets within each sport that many people around the World actually make a living from gambling on the outcome of sports. If you want to take sports betting seriously and regularly make some extra money then there are some tricks of the trade which you will need to apply. Let’s take a look at how you should be approaching your sports betting efforts.


Take Advantage of Offers

Such is the competition between bookmakers, there are loads of great offers out there which you can take advantage of. Many companies offer welcome bonuses when you sign up which will give you money to play with, completely free. You can also find special event offers on big sporting events, the the Champions League final for example will have special odds, Grand National free bets will be available when the big race comes around and you may even find boosted trebles and doubles when Wimbledon comes around.

Stick to a Strategy

Be methodical with your approach to betting, find a strategy that works for you and don’t deviate from it. If you like football betting for example, then stick to betting in-play on over 0.5 goals at half time for instance or you could bet on the home team scoring over 1.5 goals. The strategy is of course, completely up to you but having a dedicated method is far better than betting on all kinds of sports and events.

Slowly Build

Betting small for huge profit is nice in theory but there are very low odds of a monster acca coming off and you are far better to bet big on smaller odds. Betting is a marathon not a sprint and you should be regularly looking to make small wins, to build your cash pot up, smaller odds will also give you a far higher chance of winning.

Set Yourself Targets

It is important that you set yourself monthly targets for not only how much you want to win, but also how much you are prepared to gamble. Gambling can become very addictive and if you start to lose then you may bet more than you can afford in order to chase the losses. Avoid getting too tempted and set yourself targets and stick to them.

Take Advice

There are so many people offering tips online that you can stand to win good money if you follow their advice. You shouldn’t go in straight away with them however, follow the tipsters on Facebook or Twitter for a little while, see how successful they are and if you like the look of their tips, then start backing them. Some will offer these services for free and there are others who charge, which one you use will be up to but if you pay for a premium service, then you are more likely to get better tips.