Managing Your Health is just as important as managing your business

Running a business is tougher than most people realize. Unless you’re in a fortunate minority, there’s no nine till five, even if that’s your office hours. Weekends probably don’t exist, either. You do it because it’s what you do, and you believe that hard work pays. And that’s great if you look after yourself the way you take care of your empire. But do you? How are you feeling today?

When your body tells you it needs help

Managing the daily grind is inherently stressful, an occupational hazard. Some people thrive in those situations, but in time, the majority start to wither. Why? Because their health plays second fiddle to their business. Nobody intends for things to go that way, it just happens. They always thought they’d find time for lunch in the park or going to the gym; vowed to eat fewer biscuits and replace the odd coffee with water, eat a salad, take a holiday.

Slowly, unhealthy habits creep in. Waistlines grow, energy levels plummet, brains become foggy. Yet, they do nothing, say there are not enough hours in a day. What they don’t realize is, however dramatic it sounds, their body is dying. A healthy body shouldn’t feel sluggish and sick. It’s screaming for help. There’ll never be enough time if they don’t make it. If that’s you, then how about getting your groove back?

High Blood Pressure weakens your brain’s blood vessels

There are many types of stress our bodies endure; business-related stress is an obvious one, but your body also undergoes stress by trying to perform its duties when it’s not being fuelled properly when it’s running on empty.

Lack of movement, convenience foods and not enough sleep are an assault on your health. People end up either overweight and obese, or underweight. And if they smoke and drink alcohol, which often runs parallel to a stressful life, they’ll eventually develop high blood pressure, the leading cause of a debilitating stroke.

3 Tips To Stay Healthy When You Are Running A Business And Are Short On Time

The good news is that high blood pressure can be reversed. However, you’ll probably agree it’s better to prevent a catastrophe. Here’s how:

1.Get your juices flowing

It’s vital your body gets the nutrients and vitamins it was designed to function on. Processed foods and anything with ingredients which don’t sound like food should be avoided. If you don’t want to eat them, the best way to consume five a day is to juice them.

2. Get your blood pumping

Sitting at a desk all day is soul destroying and makes you fat. Blood needs to flow properly to feed the brain and vital organs, your bones and muscles need strengthening too. Experts say walking just 20 minutes a day is all you need. If you can do more, perfect.

3. Stop and smell the roses

Taking time out is just as important as taking exercise. Breathing in a lung-full of air oxygenates your brain, has a calming effect and helps you gain perspective. Take a minute while you’re out walking.

Wake Up Happy And Energized

Exercise, diet and fresh air are really all it takes. It needn’t take up much time and will benefit both you and your business; your brain will become sharper, you’ll look and feel great. But importantly, your body will start living again.