Donating your time, money, items or efforts to charity is something which all of us should be looking to do wherever it is possible. This is something which was very much instilled in me by my first boss Marc Leder, who went on to become a very close friend of mine. Marc has this incredible nature about him whereby he would always be looking at what he could do for others. I can remember early on in fact when he donated a huge amount to a local charity which was looking to rehouse homeless people. At the time I couldn’t quite understand why he was always so keen to donate to others, both in time and money, and he would always tell me that he considered it civic duty, and he wouldn’t be able to feel comfortable living his life knowing that he was doing nothing for those more vulnerable. 

I learned a lot from Marc and I agree that all of us who can, should do what we can to support charities at home and around the world. 

Range of Causes

I must stress that I am only saying that people should donate time and money if they have it. In this case there are an enormous range of causes which you could give to in order to support. There are environmental charities which need this support, there are those supporting vets, those looking at homelessness, drug issues, domestic violence, single mothers and causes which look to tackle poverty. The point is that whatever resonates with you is where you can help, and you can actually make a difference. 

Lucky Ones

Many of us need to remember just how lucky we really are, those of us who were born into good homes and given the best opportunities in life, we should be grateful for that and we should use our fortune to help pull others up. Not everyone is as fortunate as to be born into a positive and loving world, and those people are often the ones who require the support of charities. When it comes to the question why should you do something for charity, the real question here is why not?

Problem Solution 

The reality is that if everyone came together and helped towards a common goal then we would absolutely be able to eradicate things like poverty and climate change. The problem which humankind has always had is a lack of togetherness and through your contribution to charity you too can work as one with thousands of others who feel the same. It can be easy to feel that your contribution isn’t actually helping, but you’ll be surprised just what charities can achieve when they have huge numbers on their side. 

Feel Good Factor 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling good about doing something for charity. This feel good factor is something that makes you feel like a contributing member of society and you can be a part of an amazing success story.