I have been collecting Megalopolis toys for a number of years now and this has been the year where my collection has really boomed. At the beginning of the pandemic I was pretty worried as I figured there wouldn’t be any fairs that we used to have where people bought and sold. As it turned out, with much more time on our hands, the collecting community all took their efforts online and I have been purchasing more than I would have ever dreamed of. 

This is something which many people have taken on since the lockdown, collecting certain things such as stamps, coins, toys, vinyl and many other things. This is a wonderful hobby to have and here is why you are going to love it. 

Window Into the Past 

One thing which I every collector that I know loves, is the idea of these items allowing us a window to look through into the past. Once upon a time these toys that I now own were played with by kids from all over the world, who were they? What did they go on to do? These are questions which I love to ask myself. I love also to see the craftsmanship of the time and how things were done back when they were designed. 

Making Friends 

One aspect of collecting which I most certainly didn’t anticipate before I started was how many friends I would make as a result of this hobby. You very quickly realize that the community of collectors isn’t that small and that sooner or later you do start to bump into the same people. Eventually you get talking, obviously as you have common ground to start from. I have made a number of very good friends through my collecting ventures and that has certainly been one of the biggest benefits of doing this. 

The Chase 

Certainly one of my favorite aspects of collecting is the chase, that adventure and the mission to find that one piece or pieces that you have been looking for. I have to be honest there are many pieces which I have in my collection that I actually enjoyed looking for more than I do having them. This is not to say that I don’t like what I have but the real pleasure is finding something that you have spent such a long time looking for. This is very much the thrill that I enjoy when it comes to collecting toys


I can assure you that once you get started with this hobby that there is not a large distance between buying the odd piece and then allowing it to consume you. Soon you will find that a lot more of your time, effort and money is being spent on your new hobby, and you will not feel bad about that for a second. 

Why not give it a try, pick something you love and then start to collect more bits and pieces, you will soon see how fun it can be.