Don’t you wish you could spend all day, every day on the beach? Well, you can – sort of!

If you love nothing more than feeling the sun on your back and sand in your toes as the turquoise water laps at the shore and the palm trees blow softly in the summer breeze, why not re-create it in your home?

The beach is a happy place for many – a place where the stresses and worries of everyday life are forgotten and relaxation ensues – a place where loved ones can have fun and spend quality time together. The way you feel on the beach is exactly how you want to feel at home, isn’t it?

So, whether you live near the beach or just dream about the ocean, here is how to get the look for your home.

Colour Scheme:

White is a go-to colour for beach houses – it gives a clean, calm and luxurious feel, but pastels also work really well too – particularly blue, greens, corals and yellows.

Pops of turquoise are always a good idea throughout the house to bring the tranquility of the calm ocean waters inside.

Wood detail and rustic accents are perfect to complete the look, as are beach-themed stencils and decal.

These stencils could be things like words that really spell out your love for the seaside, such as ‘life is better at the beach’, or images such as shells, anchors, starfish, beach huts, palm trees and so on. These can be used in any way you like, perhaps a large image that becomes the focus of the room, or smaller ones that are incorporated subtly across the space.


When you are choosing furniture to fit in with your beach theme, opt wicker as well as reclaimed and rustic wood.

You could, of course, buy the base of your furniture and then customize it to your preferred beach look.

For example, you could take a look at to get the base for your bed and then you could create a headboard, perhaps in the shape and colour of waves, from reclaimed wood.

 The little things make a big difference:
If you don’t have a view of the beach, seaside prints are the perfect alternative.
You could even blow up your favourite photo from your own beach trip and perhaps have it put onto canvas.

Fairy lights are a great addition to beach-themed rooms, as their sparkles will emulate the stars at night.

Finish the look with nautical ornaments from boats to starfish. You could even swap everyday items – shells in place of door and cupboard handles, perhaps? This means the theme continues in the most unlikely of places.


When you are on the beach, why not gather together some sand, shells, driftwood and stones and create your own, unique beach-inspired ornaments?

You could put your smaller stones and/or sand into a glass jar – the perfect spot for a candle.

Shells are great for decorating a range of household items, from mirrors to vases.

Likewise, rope is always good to give a beachy effect, so use it for hanging things or, like the shells, it could line mirrors or wall art.