Moving can be positive and exciting. The magic starts by embracing the transition. It picks up speed when you decide not to settle for too long.

Let’s talk about WHY you should move.

Think about how different your life would be if you moved a little more often. A move within your state or country would expand your horizons. And you could expand your horizons even more if you decide to move far, see the world, learn a different language and experience a different culture.

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Your BIG Why

Take a good look around you. What is your life like? Is it what you want? Do the people and place in your life spark enthusiasm? Do you feel alive? Or is it just the opposite? You are bored to tears. You would rather stay home then go out. Your friends are ho-hum. The places you go to are predictable. You’ve stopped asking questions and expecting things to get better.

If you’re either feeling bored or stuck, then you need to move. You need to walk away from the things that aren’t working for you anymore. You need to find someplace new.

We’re talking about getting a fresh start.

If you do decide to move, you need to find a BIG why. You need to know what it is that you are moving away from. You also need to know what it is that you are moving toward. Is it a move from boredom to excitement? Is it a move from despair to hope? Is it a move away from things that aren’t working for you toward a big, bold dream? You have to have clear answers as to why you might want to move.

Move Far or Near?

So you’ve decided to move. Do you want to move far or near?

You could experience positive change by moving to a new apartment. You could experience positive change by moving from one city to another? And you could experience positive change by moving from the city to the country, or vice versa.

You could also move overseas, and immerse yourself in another culture that has always fascinated you.

Again, it all depends upon what you’re looking for from your life.

The Agony and Ecstasy Factor

Moving can be painful.

First, it can be physically exhausting. There is often a great deal to do before you make a move. Fortunately, with moving services, you can get help. While you may be familiar with how to hire local movers, did you know that you can also work with long distance movers, companies that help you move across the country or across the world? So, apart from sorting things out, the agony of moving can be slashed in half by getting plenty of logistical assistance. Think about getting help from your friends to sort out your stuff. And also think about getting help from a moving company to figure out all the logistics of packing and transporting all your stuff.

Second, moving can be emotionally draining. You have to face your fears head on. You may feel that you have failed in life and you’re escaping. You tell yourself that moving won’t change things much—because wherever you go, there you are. Yet, another way to look at things is that fresh stimulus, new friendships, and novel ways of doing things can create a deeper inner change.

What about your family and friends? You are not necessarily leaving them. Thanks to advances in telecommunication, there are many ways to stay in touch and have those long, deep, soulful conversations you have always enjoyed. In fact, you might even grow closer. After all, absence makes the heart fonder.

To Be Or Not To Be

Ultimately, it’s not a question of moving for its own sake but moving because you want to seize new opportunities, because you are in search of a new adventure, or because you hunger for a richer, more fulfilling life. Thus, moving is about being and becoming.

Will you be better or worse off for your move? Of course, there is no clear way to see the future. But you can do a little introspection and research to get a fairly decent answer to your question.


What do you want that you are not getting where you live now? What dreams are not being fulfilled? Who or what is stopping you from living a fuller, more joyful life? Ask questions like this to get clear on your motivation. There are two kinds of motivation, moving away from motivation and moving toward motivation. You should examine both types.


Through the Internet, you can research any city or county. You can also reach out to personal contacts or friends of friends to find out more about the place you want to go. Finally, you can also pay an actual visit before you make your final decision.

Should You Stay Or Go?

Stay if you are growing, but if you think you are spinning your wheels, it may be time to move to experience a better, happier, more satisfying life.