Nigeria is a wonderful country on the African continent. It is well-known the world over for a variety of different things, not in the least its oil production. The oil is found in the Niger Delta and is responsible for around 40% of the GDP of the country. Nigeria is also home to Esther Nenadi, who has held a role in the political development of the country for many years and is currently campaigning for a further position. She loves her country and, having a background in both education and in finances, she wants to do all she can to further the standard of living of Nigerians, as well as enhance the reputation and public image of the country.

Reasons to Visit Nigeria According to Nenadi

People who have never looked into Nigeria often associate it with the infamous “Nigerian Uncle” email scam. They don’t think about the fact that around 50% of the adult population is a university graduate. They also don’t know that some of the greatest African writers hail from Nigeria. Consider, for instance, Chinua Achebe, who wrote “Man of the People” among other works of art. His books are commonly used the world over as a set book during national examinations in various schools.

Nigeria is home to the School of Ibadan, one of the most prominent universities in the world. The school was founded during colonial times but has become an integral part of independent Nigeria as well. This school has delivered some fantastic minds and many of its graduates now work as professors in schools and universities all over the world.

The country is also a country of arts. Many Nigerians act in movies, both on a national and international market. While some people may find it difficult to understand the accent of the average Nigerian speaking English, the accent also sounds very friendly and melodious, meaning even those who find it hard to understand can enjoy listening to it. This is also why, if you were to visit Nigeria, you will probably find yourself watching a few Nigerian movies. These movies have spread over the African continent, because the stories speak to the people. Hundreds of thousands of DVDs are found in the homes of people in countries from South Africa to Algeria and from Senegal to Sudan.

Last but not least, Nigeria is an advanced country in terms of its infrastructure. This is in part due to the fact that there has been a real need for well-constructed roads in order to support the oil industry, but it is something that everybody can benefit from. The two most popular cars in Nigeria are the Mercedes and Peugeot, and you will see these everywhere. People also like to have very big cars and they have a strong interest in material possessions. Indeed, in most Nigerian movies, the stories revolve around people with extreme wealth.

Add to this the fact that Nigeria also has beautiful natural areas and it is clear why it is a fantastic place to visit.