Making a house into a home is a challenge that every new homeowner faces, but you will be pleased to hear that you don’t have to fund expensive remodeling and extension projects to be able to say that a living space is truly yours.

Paint the front door

The paint colors and finishes are likely to have been chosen by the previous owner, but you can put your own stamp on a new home right away by opting for a different color for the front door. This is much easier than painting the entire exterior, and it is less of a commitment and is more economical in terms of budget. It will give your home a fresh look from the outside and also allow you to change the locks at the same time.

Start small with personal flourishes

Tearing down wallpaper across a new home is usually counterproductive as it can take so much time to redecorate. Instead, concentrate on painting two or three walls so the place feels like your own. These walls can also act as a tester palette for the rest of the house. You could also consider wallpapering a wall in the powder room if you want to experiment with bolder patterns and colors. Always start small, and then gradually move toward more notable upgrades if needed.

Upgrade window treatments

Focus on decorating details to give your living room a more personalized and polished feel. Upgrading window treatments is an excellent way to change the atmosphere of any area in an instant. You could opt for full-height shutters so you have more control over the light and warmth that enters your home and additional privacy, or try some tier-on-tier and wooden bay window shutters for an elegant and secure solution for larger openings in modern or period homes. Online websites now provide measuring and installation guides to help new homeowners upgrade their window treatments quickly and easily.

Enhance the kitchen

A kitchen has many functions, so tailoring it your family’s requirements is essential. Upgrades here can add significant value to your home. A telltale sign of a kitchen that has seen better days is an aging or discolored faucet and sink. Swapping these out for shiny new fixtures is a simple change that can add sparkle, but make sure to coordinate the color with existing hardware. You could also lower the bar counter here to make it more accessible, add lighting under counters to brighten the area, and install energy-saving or water-saving appliances. A full kitchen remodel can cost up to $33,500, according to HomeAdvisor, so focus on small upgrades that can make a big impact if you want to stay within a tight budget.

Redo the flooring

Discolored carpets can really bring living spaces down, so why not install hardwood laminate for a sleek and contemporary appearance? You can tear up the old carpet by using a utility knife to cut around the edges and then gently pulling it away from doorways and walls. Next, remove any carpet padding, tack strips and baseboard with a small pry bar. Once the floor has been leveled with a scraper and brush, you can install the underlayment and begin laying the laminate. The whole process can be completed within two days and can cost just $200. You will also then be able to arrange furniture in these rooms to your liking for an additional personalized touch.

Special treatment for the stairs

The stairs will probably see the most foot traffic, so make sure to give them the special treatment they deserve. You could install a fresh runner so you have the contemporary styling of wood and the comfort and noise dampening effect of a patterned carpet. It can take just a couple of hours to paint, shade, and wallpaper this area in order to transform previously well-worn stairs into a bright and elegant centerpiece in your home.

Personalize rented spaces

Creating a personal living space in rented properties is more challenging as wholesale changes are not generally viable. However, updating and customizing can make all the difference if your rooms need a new sparkle. Using photos and canvases can really bring your personality to the fore, so hang colorful images from walls liberally. Turning already-installed bookshelves and storage into focal points can also transform a room, so why not add patterned paper to shelf backings, or repurpose ornaments, jars and bottles to create vases and candle holders for a cozy, DIY feel.

Money-saving upgrades

It is possible to upgrade your home by upcycling items and focusing on unique DIY projects. You could use a collection of bottle corks to create a mat for your bathroom, or use a stack of vintage suitcases as a bedside table. You could even place a previously-used arched glass door on a dressing table for a stunning decorative feature. There are so many ways you can personalize your home. It can take only a few hours to make small changes in every room that will make a big difference to its overall feel.