Photo albums are great books that allow us to remember special times during our lives. Once upon a time, we used to create those by printing pictures and manually sticking them in albums. Today, however, we create our photo albums digitally, having them bound and printed for us. This is a unique way of creating something that will last forever. No more boring white spaces, no more uneventful pages. Just beauty and memories splashing out at you every time you open the book.

Creating a Photo Album

Because you can custom design your albums, you are in full control. You can change colors, add backgrounds, place texts, add themes, and more. And once you are ready, it will all be printed for you, like an actual picture book. This means every page will be smooth, there will be no dead spaces, and all colors will be bold and vivid.

Sure, handmade albums are great and add a little extra touch. You can add some souvenirs as well, such as receipts from some of the places you went to, sand from the beach, flowers from the garden, and more. However, the only background options you have are black and white, and the pictures will soon start to fade and let go. The receipts won’t be readable anymore, the sand looks like a smudge, and the flower has lost all its colors.

Another issue many people had with handmade photo books was spelling mistakes. You would have put in a couple of pages of photographs, wrote something alongside it, and found that you made a mistake. With digital albums, this doesn’t matter. Before you send it off to be printed, you can check and double check each page and make sure any mistakes have been removed.

Best of all is the number of customization options that are available to you. You can pick your cover, the album’s orientation, its sizes, the number of pages, how many pictures you want on each page, and more. You can also choose covers for an added special effect. There are even waterproof albums, which are particularly good for families with young children, where spillages occur regularly. Also, all of them are made on special paper, which means you don’t have to worry about your pictures fading because of heat exposure.

All you really have to do is choose an album that you like and start filling it with your photographs. Just the process of doing this is enjoyable, going over all your holiday snaps again. And if you had a group holiday, you could have the same album printed several times, giving a copy of the book to each of the participants in the group holiday. That way, everybody has memories to share. And you could dedicate the book to them as a present, or to simply say thank you for a wonderful time.

Clearly, today’s photo albums are miles above what we used to have and a great way to celebrate and cherish beautiful memories.