The Personality Of A Good Pet Transcends Time

People have a deep relationship with their pets. Whether you’ve got a dog, or a cat, or a parakeet, or a squirrel, or a ferret, or a turtle, or some animal that isn’t a human whom you have a relationship with, there’s going to be an emotional connection. And that emotional connection is warranted.

What animal lovers soon discover when it comes to pets is that all animals have personalities all their own. One cat is sweet. You get another cat of the same breed and appearance, treat that cat exactly the same, and it’s a raging hell beast. You just can’t tell with pets, because they have a uniqueness about them.

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Certainly, animals aren’t as integral in their “thinking” or “personality” as their human masters, but they have idiosyncrasies all their own. Those unique things endear them to us, even if such idiosyncrasies aren’t always the best for a given pet in the animal kingdom.

Pets can also save our lives at times. There are many stories of the brave canine that saved the young child. There’s even a video going around where a cat saves a toddler from a vicious dog; things like that happen all the time. Animals clearly have something deeper to them than many of us are taught, or initially believe.

For reasons like this, animal lovers the world over have sought to memorialize the pets and other animal friends in their lives. These non-human loved ones have personalities that can never be replicated; even in other animals that look the same. They’ve got their own intelligence and stupidity, and those things deserve to be remembered.

Technology Doesn’t Do Them Justice

So there are certainly a great variety of photos and videos out there; but do these really tell the story? Aren’t you less interested in the animal that has been recorded, and more interested in the details of the time and place where the recording took place? The animal’s presence becomes secondary.

Certainly your four-footed friends deserve more than this! Why not have their portrait taken? Not in photograph form, but in paint form. Yes, there are services like this; and you don’t have to walk in your dog or your cat and make them sit still for hours.

All you’ve got to do is send in a photograph, and an artist changes that photo from a two-dimensional capture of the way light plays on your pet and surrounding area, into a piece of art which you can see in large print wherever you hang it.

Additionally, since it is a piece of art and not a simple photograph, it has its own identity—and what is that identity? Your pet. Your dog. Your cat—whatever animal you decide deserves memorialization.

But that’s not all. Certain dog portraits can be customized to client needs, as is possible through, who gives customers the ability to: “Merge multiple photos into one drawing, swap heads or bodies from different photos, or change backgrounds.”

You can pay for the artwork online, as the companies that provide this service have an arrangement much like veterinary credit card processing to handle payments.

Making Something Special

If you really want to make a piece of art about your pet that stands out from a conventional photo or video, switch their head with that of the family member most associated with them and have it painted on canvas. That will be hilarious, interesting, strange, unique, and memorable.
When you get down to it, the way in which you memorialize your pet is entirely up to you; but if you want to give them the respect their exceptional personality deserves, it’s worthwhile to go the extra step and get something special made.