Well, the summer is over and the cold and unpleasant beginning of the cold times has come. Yes, exactly in this way most people perceive autumn – as a cold-hearted time of the year that sucks out our warm feelings collected through the summer. But in Japan people see autumn as something new, a transition into the new calmer and more measured life. This is why today we offer you an idea of throwing a Japanese party at your home to tune yourself and your friends on a harmonic understanding of the world and to simply spend some fun time together. Below you can find easy steps from our Japanese catering experts from Parts & Labour Catering Solutions.


You know that sushi is a traditional Japanese catering party dish. If you want your guests to engage hen you can simply prepare all the required ingredients and make the sushi all together. If you would like to spend some time peacefully then you can either cook everything yourself or order some sushi from a local restaurant. If you want everything to be perfect, then hire professionals in Japanese catering to perform the master preparation of sushi in front of you.


Vegetables is another vital part of a Japanese party. Do not forget to bring some green and fresh vegetables for people who prefer raw dishes. But, if you would like everything to be in a perfect Japanese tradition professional caterers advise opting for quickly pickled cucumbers. You can also make them yourself or simply buy in a city Japanese market. For serving experts advise to use some pan-seared King mushrooms. As a rule, exactly these mushrooms become the stars of the dinner. They are extremely easy to cook, all you need slice the mushrooms, then brush with oil, and just sear in a hot skillet until you see lightly golden color on the edges. Add up some Bok Choy and serve.


Udon is a traditional Japanese soup. If you would like to save a little on throwing a party or are simply unable to get the required amount of sushi for the party, then serving Udon soup as one of main courses is a perfect idea. It is basically a nice noodle soup that if perfect for cold autumn evenings.

Green tea ice cream

This is traditional Japanese desert so make sure to have it served. Japanese catering experts advise not to jump over your head by cooking it yourself and simply buy it in a nearby supermarket. When serving top with some freshly shaved white chocolate.


And the final part of our tips is about serving sake that is extremely cheap but will be a perfect addition to your Japanese evening.

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