Movie marathons call for some decent planning. When I set myself up for a Friday night viewing, I know that it will be a long one and it’s important to stock up for what’s coming. After ordering pizzas and arming myself with the thickest blanket I own, I pull out the sofa bed and plant myself in for night. Eating myself into a food coma with a gently buzzing TV is the perfect recipe to drift off to sleep to so a good quality sofa bed for me is a must. For the best range of sofa beds online visit and come with me as I take you through the seven best movie franchises that should be at the top of your watch list.

  1. Star Wars

In this world renowned franchise, the Star Wars movies follow a story of good vs. evil in an attempt to balance the forces in harmony. Following the main characters, you dive into a new world of creatures, weapons and power and are taken throughout the galaxy to see who will come out on top.

  1. Marvel Avengers

As evil threatens the world, a team of super heroes are banded together to join forces in an effort to save the world from ultimate demise. Bring your friends around to enjoy this franchise with you as well thanks to the Kana Modular with Sofa Bed. With ability to seat around five people and the option for either left or right facing configuration, this Sofa Bed will have you reclining in style and luxurious comfort.

  1. Indiana Jones

In an attempt to intercept his enemy’s attempt at world domination, an archaeologist Indiana Jones must uncover an ancient religious relic before his enemies can get to it first.

  1. Back to the Future

A suburban teen from California is accidentally involved in a haphazard science experiment which sees him flung back in time. In a race to make it back to the future, you follow the hilarious and wholesome storyline that’s fun for the whole family. Take your living room back to retro inspired styles with Domayne’sDeniz Click Clack Fabric Sofa bed. Featuring a quilted design and bold, tapered legs, this sofa bed delivers on contemporary-retro style as well as exceptional comfort.

  1. Harry Potter

After his eleventh birthday Harry Potter learns that his world is not as it seems. Destined for greatness, Harry Potter is taken under the wing of Hogwarts, a school of magic, where he learns what it means to be a wizard and the dark forces that threaten their world.

  1. Fast and Furious 

In the mysterious and downright thrilling adventures of streetcar racing, follow Vin Diesel through his journey of action packed explosions, races and deathly battles while attempting to balance his home life as well. With upwards of 10 movies in this franchise, you’ll be glued to the screen for a fair amount of time. Sofa beds with inbuilt storage like this Avellino Fabric Sofa Bed are perfect for those short on space that need the flexibility to combine the bedroom with the entertaining space.

  1. Alien

As the human race begins to explore outer space, they find more than what they had bargained for. With an invasion of only one alien, the extra-terrestrial race wipes out an entire space crew and foreshadows many more encounters to come.

Nothing is quite as hard as peeling yourself off the couch in the early hours of the morning after falling asleep for the fourth time that night. Before my sofa bed, I would end up staying on the lounge and contorting my body to fit in any position instead of braving the stairs to my room. After my recent purchase of a pull out sofa, I have revolutionised how I watch movie marathons and combined the best of both worlds in my opinion. Whether you’re watching your favourite movies or attempting to make it through all of the 20 hours of Harry Potter flicks, give yourself ultimate luxury and comfort that even gold class cinemas would fail to beat.