There are many people out there who are sitting on large sums of cash, perhaps they have saved all their lives, had a windfall or even have been the beneficiaries of inheritance, what many of these people fail to do however is put that money to work in order to grow it. If you are one of these people then it is time you started thinking about ways in which you can use your money to grow your wealth, you should naturally retain some of your cash for rainy days or emergencies but utilizing the majority of it with the aim of increasing it is a great idea, if you’re unsure how then here are some ways you can go about it.



There are several ways in which you can invest your cash to try and turn a profit and here are a couple of them:

  • Real Estate

I’ve been investing in real estate, commercial mostly, for a few years now and it has paid great dividends. I use a broker to help me with my purchases and I’d advise you to do the same, they can negotiate deals, get you great offers and manage your assets, my broker Welfont are industry experts who look after me from the moment I decide on a property, the rental of it, right up to the point where I wish to sell it, check out the Welfont Reviews to see for yourself. Real estate can be a great way of using your cash to make profit and you can get involved with just a small investment.

  • Stocks and Shares

Stocks and shares are easy to get in to but you must ensure that you have worked hard in understanding all that you can about the industry. Stock prices can sometimes be volatile and you need to be patient, if you expect to buy cheap stocks and sell them on for huge profits in a short period of time then you have probably been watching too many films, take your time, make smart choices and be patient.

Savings Account

If you feel as though investing is a little too risky for you then as a minimum you should be ensuring that you have a savings account that gives you the highest interest rate possible. On average US bank accounts offer a measly 0.02% APR which will give you very little yield on your cash. If you have $10,000 or more then there are some far better accounts out there that can offer you figures closer to $1, over the course of a year that $10,000 will make you $100, this might not seem like much but when you consider that all you have to do is leave your money in the account, the yield looks pretty good.


This may appear risky at first but there are many strategies and tactics to sports gambling that you can adopt in order to use your money to make more. There are thousands of professional gamblers in the World who make an annual salary from gambling, you don’t need to be this committed but you can certainly use your wealth to increase your chances of winning. Those with little money often go for long shots with big winnings but if you already have the cash then you can start gambling on events with low odds and low returns, this way you can bet bigger and have far more probability of winning, whilst shocks do happen in sport, usually math prevails, use this method and increase your wealth.