There is a huge difference between someone who writes on a blog, someone like Stephen King who writes novels and someone such as Roger Wolfson, one of the finest TV writers in the business. Now many fall into the trap of thinking that because they can write a little, that this means that they are going become a great writer. The truth is however that writing like a pro is about far more than that and the two examples mentioned above are the perfect proof of what can happen when you are able to write like a professional, rather than a writer who can string a few words together in a cohesive style.

If you have a bit of talent and you want to write like a pro, here is how to go about it.


The most obvious tip to offer here is the importance of practice when it comes to your writing, this is the only way in which you are going to be able to improve how well you write and how well you are able to format a story or capture a certain mood. The more you write the more you will begin to understand flow, rhythm and style, all of which are essential aspects of being a great writer. It is only when you are able to grasp these components that you will be able to take your writing to the next level.


There are many styles when it comes to writing and the more that you can grasp the better that you will be. Try out a number of different styles such as newspaper reporting, long form stories, short stories and you should even try out scriptwriting as a way to increase your ability to switch styles. Throughout this process you will also find your own particular style, and this is the goal which you should be working towards.


Writers fall into 2 categories more often than not, those who believe their work is not very good and need someone to tell them that it is, and those who’s work is not very good, thinks that it is good and needs someone to tell them that it isn’t. This is why feedback is so essential to what you are doing and it is why you must ensure that you have someone around who can read and appraise your work. Try to ask for as many opinions as you can.

The key to feedback is not just getting it, but reacting to it in a way where you will not take offense, but instead look to add the critique to your next writing work. Trying and failing is the only way in which you get better, so you have to be prepared for this process.

Every day you should be writing, every single day for as long as you can, this is how you will improve and this is how you will be able to learn more about your own particular style.