Garden Renovation

Investing in the gardens of our homes is usually the last ting on our list fo priorities when it comes to investing money in the house, and rightfully so. Up here in Alberta, Canada the winters can be long and cold which is why we don’t spend much on the garden. What then happens is summer comes around and you regret not spending that money, yet by the time you do anything about it the winter is back and it is a case of out-of-sight-out-of-mind. My neighbor Ron Cadman used to be a gardener back in the USA and thanks to him we gave our garden a new lease of life without going to a lender for cash. Here are some of Ron’s awesome budget hacks.

Clean Up

It may sound pretty simple but very often you just need to give your garden a good clean up in order to get the look that you want. Clear out the rubbish and dead plants, get rid of the weeds which have taken root in the garden and strip it down to its bare bones. Once you give the garden a scrub its beauty will begin to show. I would be a fraud if I suggested that I did this myself, because I didn’t, but even paying a professional to do this own’t cost the Earth.


You can obtain pallets for either very low prices or even for free from any local warehouse or yard and these can be used in so many ways in the garden. We got some pallets from a local business which we then sanded down, varnished and coated in paint, before using them to create a lovely decking platform in the back garden. What is great about these pallets is that they are not only strong and sturdy, but they are also all the same size which makes measuring and slotting them together a piece of cake.


I had no idea just how good old bits and pieces look in the garden, especially if they are made of metal. Once I learned this my wife and I would go to thrift shops and flea markets looking for old sewing machines, bike wheels, steel pumps and just about any other type of old metal for the garden. There is a perfect juxtaposition between this old decaying metal and the natural bloom of plants and flowers and they have really transformed our garden, not to mention the fact that they have become quite the talking point.


Animals may not be a permanent fixture in your garden but inviting them in can add a really beautiful touch to any garden environment. This is pretty easy to do as well, set up a bird house with feed and water for our winged friends, plant flowers which the bees will love to come and take the pollen from and you can even create a little butterfly spa which will send those glorious little creatures flocking to your outdoor space.