Are you in the market for a new luxury watch to add to your collection? Do you plan on buying one for the first time? Whichever the case, you are probably here because you are either preparing to know the bouts of owning a luxury watch, or you might already own one. Great job, as learning to care for your watch is the first step to enjoying its longevity. 

That said, any watch owner must know the basic dos and don’ts to ensure that their luxury watch can last a lifetime. Luckily, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ve prepared for you a list of three things you should never do with your luxury watch.

First Things First: Buy From Authorized Resellers

Before we dive in, let’s first emphasize the importance of buying from authorized resellers and online stores. Whether you are in the market for brand new or pre-loved timepieces, authorized dealers meticulously source their timepieces from all around the world–much like buying from the official stores, but with more convenience. Authorized stores like or have proven their reliability for their quality service, discounts, and their reputation for providing the best watches you can find in the market.

Buying from unauthorized resellers poses the risk of getting a timepiece with parts that might have been replaced with fake ones, so you won’t get the full value of what you paid for. Also, there would be a great chance that you would receive a timepiece with hidden issues or defects. In the long run, this would cost you a lot of time, money, and energy–just to get your watch to work the way it’s supposed to. So, as tempting as it is to buy from an unauthorized seller, just don’t! Choose authorized resellers and online stores.

And on top of the store’s reliability, perhaps the best part of choosing authorized resellers is the chance of scoring watches at cheaper price points–sometimes significantly cheaper than official store prices. Authorized resellers put up original and brand new Rolex and Omega Watches For Sale while letting you save tons of money! So now, let’s start our rundown of the three things you should never do with your luxury watch.

1. Never Get Servicing Without Explaining Your Terms

For any watch company, servicing is a huge part of their business. Oftentimes, the goal at the end of servicing is to return the timepiece in brand new condition. More than the mechanism and accuracy, the watch is ensured by the manufacturer that the aesthetic and cosmetic condition is brand new as well. Especially if you are getting servicing for a Swiss watch, you can expect world-class customer care and results.

A huge problem, however, is that some parts of your watch could be replaced during servicing, even though these parts are still in mint condition. Oftentimes, these new parts (although brand new and in perfect condition), are only half the value of the original parts that came with your watch. At the end of the day, your watch will indeed look brand new but with new parts of less the original value.

So, make no mistake–especially if you plan on bringing in a vintage watch for servicing. What should you do? Before you proceed with servicing, be clear whether or not you are willing to replace some parts of your watch. If you do, explicitly instruct that you’d like to have back the old watch parts that have been replaced. That way, you would still have the original vintage parts with you, which you can have reinstalled later on.

2. Never Get Third-Party Repairs When Still Under Warranty

When you buy a new luxury watch, it would usually come with a, more or less, 5-year warranty. Although any luxury watch is guaranteed to have exceptional quality, warranties are for the wearer’s benefit–just in case it would show signs of manufacturing defects. If this happens to you by any chance, never get third-party repairs because you may be asked to shell out tons of money for the service.

Instead, be sure to take it to the manufacturer or any official store. Chances are, the price you need to pay would be minimal to none. So, spare your money and send the watch back to the manufacturer if it is still covered by a warranty. 

3. Never Get Unauthorized Servicing

It may sometimes seem convenient to go to an unauthorized watchmaker, especially if they offer half the price on servicing. You might think it should be okay since your warranty coverage has expired anyway, and servicing from the manufacturer can get a bit too pricey. 

Tempting as it is, there could be a catch. It may appear that unauthorized repairs would help you save money; however, some original parts of your watch could likely be replaced with dysfunctional ones–or worse–workarounds or fake parts.

Also, if you receive servicing from an unauthorized expert, your watch may look fine at first, but you may encounter more issues later on. It would be a huge waste of money. Treat your luxury watch as an investment and don’t hesitate to spend money on servicing because the convenience, time-saved, and reliability of the original manufacturer will surely be worth the price!


In the world of luxury watches, spending more actually means spending less. So avoid these mistakes if the time comes when your watch might need some servicing. Thank you for reading until the end, and we hope this has helped you stay informed about giving the best care to your luxury watches.